National People's Congress

Average age of HK delegation 75: chief

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am

A SET of 'fair, scientific and serious' rules would be introduced to the selection of SAR deputies to the CPPCC in 2003, says Li Ruihuan.

Mr Li, who chairs the Ninth CPPCC plenum standing committee, said yesterday that the next CPPCC delegation, to be appointed in five years' time, would be younger and smaller.

He said the average age of the current delegation from Hong Kong stood at 75, two years older than the national average.

Mr Li said some senior deputies had been retained in the CPPCC to avoid any possible ill-feeling that they were being dumped once the 'struggle with the colonial ruler' had ended.

The SAR also had more deputies per capita, with an average of one per 30,000 people, compared to the mainland's 550,000 per deputy.

Mr Li said the number and age structures of the SAR deputies were unique for the ninth CPPCC, and would have to be changed for the next term.

He said there was a 'big demand' for CPPCC positions from some Hong Kong people, and admitted that the rules of selection were not clear enough.

Names have been prepared by the United Front Department, the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, the SAR Government and Xinhua for the CPPCC's consideration.

Mr Tung and Mr Jiang had been consulted before the final list of deputies were confirmed, including the 120 in the SAR delegation, Mr Li revealed.

Mr Li noted that incumbent deputies who had sought selection to the National People's Congress were not re-appointed if they were defeated.

'How can we take them back after they have made up their minds to marry [the NPC],' he said.