Hey you! Lazy, wake up and help the world!

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am

You are walking along Nathan Road, trying to enjoy the shops - and a taxi comes past, belching black fumes.

You are swimming in a calm sea, surrounded by beautiful hills - and a plastic bag smothers your head.

You are enjoying an expensive dinner at the Peninsula Hotel - and second-hand smoke from other people's cigarettes wafts past your nose.

These are all types of pollution which must be stopped.

For as long as humans have been on the planet, they have attempted to learn as much as they can about nature.

Even now, we do not understand all the amazing qualities of its flora and fauna.

Nature provides all our basic necessities of life. Have we been thankful and repaid nature by cherishing our environment? The answer is in front of our eyes everywhere we go.

The amount of dangerous suspended particulates emitted by vehicles has reached totally unacceptable proportions.

Drivers could change this by using cleaner fuels, rather than diesel, and by using their cars less.

Why take your car to Park 'N' Shop when it is just a five-minute walk away? All around the world, rainforests are being cut down, the ozone layer is being eaten up by CFC gas and animal species are becoming extinct because of mankind's reckless behaviour.

The food chain is being smashed to bits and the balance of nature is being upset.

People should start demanding the right to live in a place - our planet - which has fresh air, clean water and birds singing in the trees.

Think about these questions - each and every one of you lazy, spoilt creatures, sitting in your comfortable little flats.

What can you do to improve our environment and save our home from the further disasters which seem to be looming ahead? Hugh is a Form Two student at King George V School