Enter world of sport

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 March, 1998, 12:00am

Ask any computer sports fan to name the best PC simulations and Sierra On- line's Front Page Sports series will probably be mentioned.

This time out, in line with the series' tradition, the All Pro Collection provides plenty of entertainment and some excellent previews.

It contains Baseball Pro 96, Trophy Bass, Football Pro 97, a three-hole Golf demonstration and the hilarious and challenging You Don't Know Jack Sports game.

All the major league players and ballparks feature in Baseball Pro 96. Gamers can trade with other teams, send useless pitchers to the minor leagues and draft new talent.

It also makes a decent job of creating baseball physics on the field.

In Trophy Bass, gamers bait the hook, cast their lines into ultra-realistic waters and try to catch the notoriously aggressive and fickle game fish.

Lovers of the American game will enjoy Football Pro 97.

Players can challenge friends head- to-head in an Internet, modem or network grid-iron battle and play with all 30 NFL teams in a 3-D environment.

Games are played to all current National Football League rules.

It is a real treat for the ears and eyes. The statistics are accurate enough, and the realism is more than adequate. However, the interface sorely needs modernising.

You Don't Know Jack Sports is a trivia quiz with 800 questions to try.

The All Pro Collection also comes with a three-hole golf demo.

Front Page Sports: All Pro Collection runs on a PC with a minimum of 486/66 DX processor, 8 MB of RAM, 2X CD-ROM drive, SVGA 256 colours, soundcard with DAC and mouse.

For Football Pro 97, it supports 14.4 modem IPX and TCP/IP network play, and Windows 95-compatible joysticks. For Baseball Pro 96, the game supports Windows 3.1 and Windows- compatible joysticks.

MEGAHINT: In the football game, do like most NFL teams do. Use five and sometimes six defensive backs, even in non-passing situations. If you have solid cornerbacks, use Nickle-Man zones.

MEGAHINT: When putting during the golf game, take a short backswing and put more into the forward motion. This should make controlling your shots easier.