Helping mankind tackle feminism

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 March, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 11 March, 1998, 12:00am

Publisher Mak Shing-fai, 39, chose last Sunday - International Women's Day - to launch the monthly Men's Magazine, the first Chinese-language publication of its kind in Hong Kong. Former journalist Mr Mak hopes his 'dream product' will help male readers cope with the world of feminism, and help female readers understand more about men.

What's on your mind? There are far too many women's magazines in Hong Kong. It gives the impression that men's interests have been ignored. Men are always seen by people in a shallow sense, that they only like money, women and power, but we know there are more things than that we can explore, such as their spiritual life. The magazine will find out what men really like. The first edition includes all kinds of topics, but in one to two years' time, it will be a magazine that can truly represent men of the new millennium.

Why do you think men need such a magazine? It's from my personal experience in society where a man is labelled as someone who is obliged to achieve in the materialistic world. Unlike women, whose growing-up problems usually come at puberty, men face their crisis when they begin a career. They may suddenly be full of doubt about their ability and their dream of being a hero will be shattered. I think the present time, when so much is changing, is the best time for them to rethink their role.

Has feminism put men under pressure? The genuinely capable man will not feel the pressure but many do feel hurt. They do not understand independent women because there are very few in their fathers' generation. Women can win easily at the workplace because they are more capable in things like concentration, communication and personal touch, while men are usually viewed as more selfish. I sometimes find myself trusting a woman more easily than a man. Women are, in general, more fortunate than men. I would not say that 10 years ago. But nowadays, the fact that more women are gaining power has bothered some men.

Is Hong Kong especially tough for men? It is. Hong Kong does not have cultural roots so personal achievement is almost the only thing to measure the quality of a man.