Enter nightmare world

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 March, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 March, 1998, 12:00am

Most people have some pretty weird dreams - like the one where a group of terrorists are chasing them with bombs and they run straight into a scorpion, tail poised to strike.

You haven't had that one? Well you can still find out what happens at the end of it in a fantastical new game, Dreams to Reality.

The game, from Cryo Interactive, combines strategy, action and adventure, taking players through more than 100 indoor and outdoor locations.

It is set in a long-forgotten world where characters do not have to be asleep to dream.

The hero is Duncan, who is taking part in a quest of initiation divided into four chapters.

The story starts in a dream universe of colourful floating islands.

The player's job is to gather magical powers and search for the origin of dreams.

An evil band of subconscious manipulators must be overcome and 100 characters are encountered along the way, including monsters and super-beings.

The action takes place in a detailed 3-D environment, through which you walk and jump, flying once you have some magic.

Beware though, as you could be flying right into the shadow of evil.

Other adversaries include the Organisation - a bunch of mad scientists with a huge laboratory and some fantastic inventions.

They pose some of the final obstacles in the game, preventing players from making the final trip back to Earth. The action is similar to that of Tomb Raider, with surprises cropping up at any time.

It is hard to tell who is a friend and who is a foe.

There are some great video sequences, music and sound effects to keep you amused.

Dreams to Reality runs on a PC with Pentium 90 or above processor, 16 MB of RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA graphics card supporting 65,000 colours, sound card, and Windows 95 or DOS operating system.

MEGAHINT: Make sure you explore everywhere thoroughly, or you may miss a lot of hidden spells, bonuses and secret passages.

And don't forget to read the dialogues properly as they contain a lot of important information for solving riddles.

Have fun!


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Enter nightmare world

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