'Adult' section separated from main book

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 April, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 11 April, 1998, 12:00am

We refer to the report headlined, 'Telecom porn ads enrage activists' (South China Morning Post, April 7), and would like to make a number of clarifications.

The iTV Guide is an information brochure issued monthly by Hongkong Telecom IMS to facilitate the searching of programmes and services on iTV.

It is delivered by mail in a sealed opaque plastic envelope to the registered subscriber free of charge who must be aged 18 or above. As the iTV Guide is personally addressed to the registered subscriber, it is supposed to be opened by the registered subscriber only.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Hongkong Telecom IMS has taken precautions pro-actively to separate the 'Adult' section from the iTV Guide main book, in the format of a loose-leaf which bears on the covers a Category III sign and this warning: 'The programmes in this section belong to Category III, and are restricted to viewers aged 18 and over.' This enables a registered subscriber to readily dispose of the programme leaflets in whatever way he or she deems appropriate, giving young household members access only to information considered suitable for children and teens. Therefore, the registered member is able to exercise the normal parental care.

As a technologically advanced and consumer-friendly service, iTV provides the option of individual login identities and passwords for different members of a household whereby parents can easily bar children from viewing adult programmes. Hongkong Telecom IMS is always aware of the regulatory requirements, in compliance of which measures have been taken accordingly.

In the present case, it is Hongkong Telecom's intention to present the iTV Guide in a way that children can be protected from adult material while ensuring that the registered subscriber can get the most information on iTV.

We believe our iTV Guide arrangement has satisfied any legitimate concern about the protection of children from accessing adult programme materials, and we look forward to supporting our customers in protecting the young members of the households from such access.

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