A young woman's beautiful 'mistake'

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 April, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 23 April, 1998, 12:00am

It is time to tune in to RTHK Radio 4's programme, Practice Listening, aired every Thursday from 6.30 pm to 7 pm (RTHK 4 MHz 97.6 - 98.9 M Stereo).

As you listen to the programme, have this page open in front of you. The answers to the listening tasks will be given over the air.

Do you think it is possible to become a beauty queen by accident? Most people take a great deal of time and energy to prepare for a beauty competition, especially if it is a big national event.

In today's edition of Practice Listening, you will hear the story of a young woman who became a beauty queen, by mistake! Some useful vocabulary: Catwalk: This is the long platform that models and beauty contestants walk up and down. The audience sits on either side of it.

To stand somebody up: If you have an appointment with somebody and they don't turn up.

Task 1: Listen to the first part of the beauty queen's story and answer the following questions: 1.1 At the time that the young woman was asked to enter the first round of the beauty contest, she was . . .

a) working in a shoe shop.

b) on her way to see a film at the cinema.

c) applying to become a model.

d) waiting for her boyfriend to show up.

1.2 When the man asked her to enter the beauty competition she thought . . .

a) it was a marvellous opportunity to become rich and famous.

b) he was trying to flirt with her and was telling lies.

c) she ought to go home and ask her mother's permission.

d) she was excited but decided that she was too young to enter.

1.3 In her first walk along the catwalk she felt that . . .

a) she was overdressed.

b) she was dressed too casually.

c) her clothes were too old-fashioned.

d) she looked the best she had for a long time.

1.4 Walking along the catwalk she felt . . .

a) certain that she would be: b) extremely nervous.

c) annoyed that she had to go first.

d) relaxed as she wasn't being serious.

1.5 Normally, she is . . .

a) very confident about her appearance.

b) certain of attracting attention.

c) unconcerned about her appearance.

d) insecure about her appearance.

Task 2: Amazingly, the young woman qualified for the main contest. Listen now to what happened when she entered the main competition.

2.1 When she qualified for the main contest . . .

a) she spent a great deal of time and money preparing herself.

b) she spent only a small amount of effort and money.

c) she was too nervous to go.

d) she asked her mother to help her to look beautiful.

2.2 In the swim wear section . . .

a) she was scared as she felt her body was not good enough.

b) she felt very cold as she was wearing so little.

c) she felt she wanted to dive in the water and swim away.

d) she tripped and fell over.

2.3 In the evening wear section she found that the other contestants backstage . . .

a) were very kind and friendly.

b) were all extremely nervous and some burst into tears.

c) were too busy putting on their dresses to speak.

d) were all very jealous of each other.

2.4 One of the girls . . .

a) was so nervous she fainted.

b) had to take an aspirin to calm her nerves.

c) didn't want to go on as she had no confidence.

d) was confident she would win.

Task 3: She makes it to the final six contestants.

Listen to what happens to her in the final heat.

3.1. When the compere asked her a question she . . .

a) said she loved children and wanted to travel the world.

b) asked him to repeat what he was saying.

c) couldn't speak as she started to cough.

d) said she had high ambitions and wanted to work in finance.

3.2 She also told the compere that she liked . . .

a) cooking.

b) shopping.

c) playing the violin.

d) playing rugby.

3.3 When the results were announced she . . .

a) screamed at the top of her voice.

b) burst out laughing.

c) felt as if she was going to faint.

d) blew kisses to the audience.

3.4 The other finalists . . .

a) secretly kicked her ankles.

b) were very nice to her.

c) demanded a recount.

d) burst into tears.

Task 4: The next stage is entering the Miss Universe contest in the US. Listen to what she says about this.

4.1 The Miss Universe competition will be seen by. . .

a) three million people.

b) 200 million people.

c) 400 million people.

d) half a billion people.

4.2 The Miss Universe winner gets . . .

a) modelling contracts and a lot of money.

b) a big car and a lot of money.

c) an acting job and a lot of money.

d) to meet the President of the US.

4.3 If she wins she will . . .

a) buy lots of clothes.

b) give half her money to charity.

c) go to university.

d) buy a house for her relatives.

4.4 She . . .

a) doesn't have much education.

b) she wants to improve her education.

c) hopes to apply for a beauty scholarship.

d) is already a bright student at university.

4.5 Her boyfriend . . .

a) bitterly regrets he did not turn up for their date.

b) disappeared without trace.

c) is jealous of her success.

d) is now always on time for their dates.


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