Never leave children alone

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 April, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 April, 1998, 12:00am

Well, that's rich. Your 'Stroller safety' editorial of April 23, proposes that Hong Kong 'insist that retailers attach a warning label to every stroller they stock, emphasising that a child should never be left unattended in it'. You conclude: 'Tiny lives could depend on it.' Tiny lives depend upon competent adults to look out for their welfare - whether they are in a pushchair, a highchair, a playpen, or the floor of their flat.

Children can accidentally wrap drapery cords around their necks, pull dry cleaning wrappers over their faces, or choke in their own spittle. So perhaps we should have billions of labels made up that say, 'A child should never be left unattended.' Period. We could post them on the doors of every Hong Kong home, on every car, in every park, as a reminder to those parents who are foolish enough to leave a precious child unsupervised for even a few moments.

Let's not continue to blame inanimate objects for children's deaths. Let's put it squarely where it belongs: On the shoulders of the parents who fail to ensure that their most precious possessions are closely guarded.