Cecil Chao

Chao party provides food for thought - if not to eat

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 March, 1993, 12:00am


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IT is impossible to go to any function at the moment without finding the topic of conversation drifting to the question that appears to be riveting Hongkong: Was there or wasn't there food on offer when business tycoon Cecil Chao threw a birthday bash for his wife, Terri? Unfortunately, due to another pressing engagement, I was unable to find out for myself. Although I have to offer in Cecil's defence that, whenever I have attended parties hosted by him, I always returned home amply filled.

In the past two days I have spoken to two attendees of the Chez Chao do. One said she had plenty to eat while another told me that he was so hungry he went upstairs in search of the cake and stuffed himself with what was left of it. Food for thought, indeed.

At his parties, Cecil always has a live band to provide music, taking the microphone himself at the end to regale his guests.

My suggestion to Cecil is that, at his next party, he takes the microphone at the beginning and gives his guests a rendering (with apologies to Lesley Gore, whose '60s hit it was) of It's My Party and I Can Skimp If I Want To.