Students set for summer jobs boom

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 May, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 May, 1998, 12:00am

School students looking for summer jobs can expect more opportunities from the Government, an official said yesterday.

A boom is predicted in temporary vacancies in the census, environmental protection and both municipal services departments.

A total of 343 applicants, mostly students, have got jobs this year under a scheme launched by the Labour Department. The scheme publicises government summer jobs, inviting applications in six phases between April and July.

In the first two phases this year, 19,156 people applied and 1,450 were referred to further interviews. The next phase starts on Friday.

Last year, the scheme drew 35,969 applicants and about 1,600 were picked for interviews to fill 450 vacancies.

This year's vacancies are for clerical jobs requiring Form Four or Form Five qualifications. A worker can expect $200 to $300 a day.

The department's senior labour officer (employment services) Katherine Tsang said the number of vacancies looked set to greatly increase.

'The Census and Statistics Department needs a lot of temporary workers for research projects. And there is also great demand from the Regional Services Department during the summer time,' she said.

Meanwhile, the Education Department warned summer job seekers against teaching at unlicensed tutorial institutes. The department said people should check if an institute was registered before taking a job.