Pupils learn on their own

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 March, 1993, 12:00am

THE Carmel Pak U Secondary School is striving to develop self-initiative among its students and co-operation with parents.

''Learning is a process that requires students to work on their own; they cannot depend on their teachers entirely,'' principal Mr Leung Lok-fung said.

The school gives students a lot of opportunities to develop self-initiative.

''During assembly, we give students a lot of advice, such as how to set goals, how to solve problems and what to do when in crisis,'' Mr Leung said.

The efforts and hard work of students are always recognised. The school offers the ''Academic Improvement Award'' to students who show great progress in their work and performance.

Students get further encouragement through the ''Achievement of Excellence Award'' and the ''Achievement of Merit Award''.

The ''CPU Award'' is designed to encourage all-round development among students. The award scheme promotes participation in academic, religious, social and extra-curricular activities.

''The students' response has been encouraging. We hope to promote a sense of belonging among them and make school life more meaningful,'' the principal said.

He added that students need constant encouragement in order to develop self-confidence and initiative.

To foster co-operation between parents and teachers, the school organised two parent-teacher seminars earlier in the year.

Other activities to bring students, parents and teachers together have been planned. ''These activities not only promote co-operation between teachers and parents but also increase communication between students and parents,'' Mr Leung said.

The school also gives parents information on how to improve communication in the family.

Next year, the school will stage a grand celebration of its 15th anniversary. An open day and the publishing of a school magazine have been planned.

Carmel Pak U Secondary School Tai Yuen Estate, Tai Po New Territories BACKGROUND The Christian school was founded in 1979. It is a co-educational school with 1,161 students, 52 full-time teachers and 22 auxiliary staff.

HEADMASTER The principal is Mr Leung Lok-fung who holds a B. S. degree and a diploma in Education. Mr Leung has 14 years of teaching experience.

TEACHING LANGUAGE Students are taught in both Chinese and English.

ACTIVITIES The school offers academic, sports and cultural clubs. Students interested in music can join the school choir, Chinese orchestra, brass band, violin group or recorder group. SPORTS Students are encouraged to take part in athletics, basketball, volleyball, cross-country and swimming.

FACILITIES There are 24 classrooms, an integrated science laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a physics laboratory and a biology laboratory. Field trips are organised for History, Geography, Social Science and Biology.

SCHOLARSHIPS CPU Awards PREFECTS There are 71 prefects headed by So Fung-yan and Li Pui-sai.

SCHOOL MOTTO ''Truth, self-discipline, loyalty and friendship''