School's language of success

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 June, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 June, 1998, 12:00am

Tang King Po School's bilingual fortnight attracted many enthusiastic students keen to brush up their language skills.

The activities were organised into three groups: contests, games and exhibitions.

The contest section included story-telling, public-speaking and debate.

One student who took part in the public-speaking contest, said the event had helped him improve his ability to express himself.

For those who preferred to express themselves with the written word, rather than orally, there was a poetry-writing contest.

The games section was the most popular.

The games stalls and the Scrabble corner offered a fun way of learning.

There was no doubt that the 'fun interview' went down very well with students as they were given the chance to quiz English teachers in the school.

During the two-week language programme, various exhibitions were set up around the school. Students were able to look at the displays, such as a book exhibition, in their own time.

One of the most popular displays was the entertainment board.

Students were shown how to memorise vocabulary related to the entertainment industry.

Given the hype about the World Cup, the English Premiere League exhibition was one of the busiest.

The language fortnight was the result of a months' preparation. The school's English Club, Student Union and Student Leaders' Association all devoted their time and money to the event.

'The event was a success and we are determined to maintain an environment conducive to language learning,' chairman of the English Club Lawrence Wong said.

'This kind of activity will be held again at the school in the near future,' he said.

Article submitted by Tang King Po School