Teaching value of life of life

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 April, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 April, 1993, 12:00am

ASERIES of youth programmes and advertisements costing over $1.6 million to produce will be screened on television and broadcast on radio this month.

The programmes are aimed at instilling a positive attitude towards life among young people.

Jointly produced by the Education Department and Radio Television Hongkong (RTHK), the programmes are designed to help students who are busily preparing for their final examinations develop problem-solving skills.

Mr Dominic Wong Shing-wah, Director of Education, urges students to adopt a healthier attitude towards life and to seek help from parents, teachers and social workers when in trouble.

''April is the month when students start to prepare for school and public examinations,'' Mr Wong said.

''They may have a lot of difficulties when preparing for their exams. Academic and emotional problems may arise.

''But they should not get frustrated as it would do them no good; they should seek help instead.'' One of the programmes will feature the Community Youth Club (CYC). Similar programmes have been produced for five years now.

This year's programme, CYC Family , is a drama on a family of five, including the parents, two children and a grandfather.

Youth problems and conflicts between parents and children are reflected in the daily life of this family.

''We hope that by using a drama format, the programme will be more vivid and attractive for children and their parents,'' Ms Maria Wan, Assistant Director of Broadcasting at RTHK, said.

Another programme, Value of Life , is a magazine programme designed to encourage youngsters to develop self-confidence and positive values.

Host Crystal Kwok will invite different guests, including Hongkong Philharmonic conductor Yip Wing-see and author Buk Wah-lau, to talk about the ups and downs in their lives.

Other guest presenters will include singers Anthony Lun, Cass Pang, Andy Hui, Gloria Yip, Yvonne Lau and Cheng Yi-kin, who have been appointed by RTHK as ''Rainbow Stars'' to spread the message of life.

''We want youngsters to know that setbacks in life cannot be avoided. They should face the reality and solve their problems,'' Ms Wan said.

CYC Family comprises eight episodes. It is shown on Thursdays at 7 pm on TVB Jade.

Value of Life , in 10 episodes, will be shown on Tuesdays at 7 pm on TVB Jade beginning next week.

Pop singers Jacky Cheung and Sally Yeh showed their support for the programmes by singing the theme songs. It is hoped that the pop idols will attract more young viewers.

The Education Department has also prepared a 30-second television advertisement promoting the value of life, which will be broadcast soon.

A radio announcement to promote communication, care and concern between parents and children will also be aired.