Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 August, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 August, 1998, 12:00am

ARRIVING TODAY Asian Pegasus (Hyaline), from Tokyo, 5pm, HIT Blue Lake (East West), from Kaohsiung, 1pm, K.Bank Bunga Delima (MSC), from Shanghai, 3pm, A.Buoy Bunga Raya Satu (MSC), from Europe, 11am, MTL Choyang Volga (Choyang), from Keelung, 8am, SLT Chu Xiang (Wai Hong), from Ningbo, 3pm, K.Bank Danebu (OSK), from Europe, 10pm, HIT Estoril (PIL), from Kaohsiung, 11am, A.Buoy Ever Amply (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 10pm, B.Buoy Ever Linking (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung, 8pm, HIT Fucun (Hyaline), from Keelung, 8am, HIT Hanoi Glory (Dong Woo), from Pusan, 10pm, A.Buoy Hyundai Commodore (Hyundai), from Zheunchuen, 11am, HIT Hyundai Sprinter (Hyundai), from Keelung, 5am, HIT Kaiyuan (Xiamen Harvest), from Santos, 5pm, HIT Kota Maju (PIL), from Singapore, 9am, A.Buoy Kota Pusaka (PIL), from Manila, 3am, Junk Bay Ludwingshafen Express (Hapag-Lloyd), from Europe, 11pm, MTL Maersk Tokyo (Maersk), from Singapore, 5am, SLT Mercury 7 (Dong Woo), from Keelung, 10am, B25 Ming Chun (Pearl Delta), from Singapore, 1am, HIT NOL Diamond (OSK), from Kobe, 5am, HIT Norasia Singa (Norasisa), from Port Said, 8pm, HIT OOCL Singapore (OOCL), from Zheunchuen, 3pm, HIT Rhine (OSK), from Tokyo, 8am, HIT Seagrand Ace (Igor), from Japan, 3pm, A.Buoy Shanghai Express (Hapag-Lloyd), from Europe, 5am, MTL Uni Forever (Evergreen), from Singapore, 3pm, HIT Uni Onward (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung, 1pm, HIT Uni Vital (Evergreen), from Singapore, 8am, HIT Victoria Bridge (Kawasaki), from Kaohsiung, 8am, HIT Yue Da 28 (Swellchief), from Shanghai, 3pm, K.Bank Zim Adriatic (Sun Hing), from Singapore, 8am, MTL SAILING TODAY APL Korea (APL), for Suva, 3pm, HIT Aust Express (Dong Woo), for Pusan, 8am, A12 Bunga Raya Satu (MSC), for Pusan, 9pm, MTL Choyang Volga (Choyang), for Seattle, 11pm, SLT Fuchun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 8pm, HIT Hanjin Kwangyang (Hanjin), for Inchon, 1am, K.Bank Heung-A Bangkok (Kong Hing), for Bangkok, 8am, B12 Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), for Seattle, 9am, HIT Hyundai Commodore (Hyundai), for Europe, 10pm, HIT Hyundai Sprinter (Hyundai), for Singapore, 9pm, HIT Jingpohe (Cosco), for Singapore, 11am, HIT Mare Internum (PIL), for Japan, 3pm, SLT Ming Chun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 11am, HIT NOL Diamond (OSK), for Singapore, 9pm, HIT NYK Procyon (NYK), for Los Angeles, 10am, MTL OOCL Britain (OOCL), for Suva, 9am, HIT Sealand Eagle (Sealand), for New York, 10am, SLT Sealand Racer (Sealand), for New York, 11pm, MTL Shanghai Express (Hapag-Lloyd), for Kaohsiung, 9pm, MTL Uni Forever (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung, 9pm, HIT Uni Onward (Evergreen), for Jakarta, 11pm, HIT Uni Vital (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung, 9pm, HIT Victoria Bridge (Kawasaki), for Suva, 8pm, HIT Wanchun (Hyaline), for Taichung, 11am, HIT ARRIVED YESTERDAY APL Korea (APL), American, from Zheunchuen Aust Express (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Singapore Ever Grade (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Ever Unique (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Haidesheng (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Xiamen Hanjin Kwangyang (Hanjin), Korean, from Singapore Hansa Rostock (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Taichung Heung-A Bangkok (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Pusan Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Seattle Jingpohe (Cosco), Panamanian, from Shanghai Kuo Lung (Cheng Lie), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung Mare Internum (Maersk), Danish, from Singapore Ming Container (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung Ming East (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Europe Montania (Pearl Delta), Panamanian, from Singapore Nedlloyd Van Nes (Ponil), Dutch, from Singapore NYK Procyon (NYK), Panamanian, from US OOCL Britain (OOCL), Liberian, from Zheunchuen President Polk (APL), American, from US Sally Maersk (Maersk), Danish, from Keelung Sealand Eagle (Sealand), American, from Zheunchuen Sealand Racer (Sealand), American, from Keelung Uni Mercy (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Jakarta W.H. 211 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung W.H. 216 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Singapore Wanchun (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Taichung Xian Jiang (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Xiamen SAILED YESTERDAY ACX Cheery (Hyundai), for Japan Chin Chun (Hyaline), for Manila Ever Grade (Evergreen), for Port Said Ever Unique (Evergreen), for Suva Haidesheng (Xiamen Harvest), for Xiamen Hanjin Tokyo (Hanjin), for New York Hansa Rostock (Hyaline), for Ho Chi Minh City Hari Bhum (Euro Asia), for Shanghai Heung-A Manila (Kong Hing), for Pusan Kuo Lung (Cheng Lie), for Jakarta Ming East (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung Montainia (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung Nedlloyd Van Nes (Ponil), for Durban Sally Maersk (Maersk), for Europe Sealand Pacer (Sealand), for Kaohsiung Seven Seas Chariot (Dong Woo), for Singapore South China Express (Sealand), for Santos Suyue (Golden Fortune), for Shanghai Uni Mercy (Evergreen), for Taichung W.H. 211 (Hyaline), for Singapore W.H. 216 (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung Xian Jiang (Xiamen Harvest), for Xiamen Zim Zhenzhen (Sun Hing), for Port Said EXPECTED ARRIVALS TOMORROW Brave Heart (CML), from Japan Cape Charles (NYK), from US Choyang Harmony (Choyang), from Pusan Ever Racer (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung Hanjin Hong Kong (Hanjin), from US Hanjin Shanghai (Hanjin), from New York Hyundai Federal (Hyundai), from Europe Hyundai Stride (Hyundai), from Singapore Justice Container (Powick), from Kaohsiung Kaishun (Hyaline), from Taichung Kap Serykh (Fesco), from Sydney Kuo Yu (Cheng Lie), from Singapore Leverkusen Express (Hapag-Lloyd), from Kaohsiung Med Genova (Pearl Delta), from Kaohsiung Ming Victory (Pearl Delta), from Kaohsiung Shin Chun (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung Sufa (Wai Hong), from Nantung Uni Ahead (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung Uni Handsome (Evergreen), from Keelung Uni Value (Evergreen), from Singapore W.H. 165 (Hyaline), from Singapore W.H. 215 (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung EXPECTED SAILINGS TOMORROW Asian Pegasus (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung Bunga Delima (MSC), for Singapore Estoril (PIL), for Singapore Ever Amply (Kong Hing), for Ho Chi Minh City Ever Linking (Evergreen), for Los Angeles Hyundai Stride (Hyundai), for Keelung Justice Container (Powick), for Durban Kaishun (Hyaline), for Taichung Kota Maju (PIL), for Shanghai Kota Pusaka (PIL), for Manila Maersk Tokyo (Maersk), for New York Ming Chun (Hyaline), for Taichung Ming Victory (Pearl Delta), for Manila NYK Starlight (NYK), for Suva OOCL Singapore (OOCL), for Europe Pira Bhum (Euro Asia), for Bangkok Rhine (OSK), for Europe Shin Chun (Hyaline), for Singapore Uni Handsome (Evergreen), for Ho Chi Minh City Uni Value (Evergreen), for Singapore W.H. 165 (Hyaline), for Haiphong W.H. 215 (Hyaline), for Manila Yue Da 28 (Swellchief), for Kaohsiung



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Shipping in port

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