Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 September, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 September, 1998, 12:00am

ARRIVING TODAY ACX Lily (NYK), from Keelung, 1pm, MTL.

Anchun (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung, 3am, HIT.

APl Japan (APL), from US, 8pm, HIT.

Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), from Haiphong, 2pm, B.Buoy.

Asian Prosperity (NYK), from Hiroshima, 5am, MTL.

Bunga Raya Due (MSC), from Singapore, 3am, MTL.

Chuhe (Wai Hong), from Shanghai, 1pm, W.A.

Chunhe (Constran), from Sydney, 1pm, HIT.

Concord Bridge (Kawasaki), from US, 9am, HIT.

Ever Gaining (Evergreen), from Singapore, 9am, HIT.

Ha Ni He (Consco), from Singapore, 9am, HIT.

Hanjin Dalian (Hanjin), from Singapore, 8am, W.A.

Hanjin Hamburg (Hanjin), from Singapore, 8am, SLT.

Heung A Singapore (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 9am, A.Buoy.

Hong Bang (Kawasaki), from Haiphong, 5pm, HIT.

Kirsten Maersk (Maersk), from Singapore, 8am, MTL.

KMTC Hong Kong (KMTC), from Keelung, 2am, HIT.

Kota Berlian (PIL), from Singapore, 3pm A.Buoy.

Maersk Bangkok (Maersk), from Kaohsiung, 8am, MTL.

Maritime Dignity (Jardine), from Banjarmasin, 1pm, A.Buoy.

Nordsund (CMS), from Dalian, 1pm, W.A.

OOCl China (OOCL), from Kaohsiung, 10am, HIT.

Pacific Breeze (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung, 1pm, HIT.

Seven Seas Aurora (Dong Woo), from Keelung, 5pm, W.A.

Sigga Sif (Hyaline), from Keelung, 10am, HIT.

Sunny Cedar (KMTC), from Keelung, 9am, HIT.

Sunny Pine (KMTC), from Manila, 8am, HIT.

Suzanna (Jardine), from Singapore, 11am, A.Buoy.

Uni Concord (Evergreen), from Singapore, 3pm, HIT.

Wanchun (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung, 1pm, HIT.

Zhaoqinghe (Cosco), from Huangpu, HIT.

Zim Canada (Sun Hing), from Long Beach, 1am, MTL.

Zim Colombo (Sun Hing), from Singapore, 8am, MTL.

SAILING TODAY ACX Daisy (NYK), for Japan, 3am, MTL.

Anchun (Hyaline), for Singapore, 11am, HIT.

Banowati (Hyaline), for Manila, 10am Bunga Pelangi Dua (MSC), for Europe, 10am, MTL.

Bunga Raya Dua (MSC), for Pusan, 3pm, MTL.

Buxlady (Dong Woo), for Inchon, 5pm, W.A.

Choyang Harmony (Choyang), for Ho Chi Minh City, 1am, W.A.

Concord Bridge (Kawasaki), for Singapore, 8pm, HIT.

Ever Gaining (Evergreen), for New York, 10pm, HIT.

Hanihe (Cosco), for Xingang, 5pm, HIT.

Hanjin Hamburg (Hanjin), for Singapore, 9pm, SLT.

Kaiyuan (Xiamen Harvest), for Santos, 10am, HIT.

King Ace (CML), for Singapore, 5pm, A78.

Kirsten Maersk (Maesk), for Japan, 9pm, MTL.

OOCL China (OOCL), for Yantian, 8pm, HIT.

P&O Nedlloyd Colombo (P&O Nedlloyd), for Durban, 10am, MTL.

Pacific Breeze (Hyaline), for Xiamen, 11pm, HIT.

Sealand Pacer (Sea-Land), for Kaohsiung, 10pm, SLT.

Sigga Sif (Hyaline), for Keelung, 11pm, HIT.

Sunny Cedar (KMTC), for Manila, 9am, HIT.

Sunny Pine (KMTC), for Keelung, 10pm, HIT.

W.H. 162 (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 1pm, HIT.

Wanchun (Hyaline), for Taichung, 9pm, W.A.

Wing Cheong (Swellchief), for Kaohsiung, 10am, A32.

Xiashuiyun 15 (Xiamen Harvest), for Xiamen, 8am, MTL.

Zhaoqinghe (Cosco), for Huangpu, 9pm, HIT.

Zim Colombo (Sun Wing), for Shanghai, 10pm, MTL.

ARRIVED YESTERDAY ACX Daisy (NYK), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Aizan (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Keelung.

Anatoliy Kolesnichenko (Fesco), Panamanian, from Vladivostok.

Banowati (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Bless Container (Powick), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Blue Star (Powick), Panamanian, from Kobe.

Bunga Pelangi Dua (MSC), Malaysian, from Kaohsiung.

Buxlady (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Choyang Harmony (Choyang), Korean, from Pusan.

Essen Express (Hapag-Lloyd), German, from Yantian.

Ever Lyric (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Frankfurt Express (Hapag-Lloyd), German, from Zhuenchuen.

Fremantle Bridge (Kawasaki), Liberian, from Japan.

Hanjin Beijing (Hanjin), Korean, from Suva.

Humber Bridge (Kawasaki), Liberian, from Europe.

Hyundai Bridge (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Jian Jiang (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Shantou.

Kai Cheng (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Xiamen.

Kaiyuan (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Santos.

King Ace (CML), Panamanian, from Kobe.

Kuo Fu (Cheng Lie), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Ming Europe (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from New York.

MSC Fremantle (MSC), Malaysian, from Shanghai.

P&O Nedlloyd Colombo (P&O Nedlloyd), Dutch, from Keelung.

NOL Cyprince (APL), Panamanian, from Europe.

Osaka (Kawasaki), Liberian, from Durban.

Peace River (Cosco), Panamanian, from Surabaya.

Perak (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Shanghai.

Rickmers Dalian (Bar. Wil), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Scorpio Challenger (OSK), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Sealand Pacer (Sea-Land), American, from Kaohsiung.

Strong River (Cosco), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Uni Ardent (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Uni Humanity (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Uni Obtain (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Uni Vigor (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

W.H. 162 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Singapore.

Wing Cheong (Swellchief), Chinese, from Shanghai.

Zim Kaohsiung 1 (Sun Hing), German, from Qui Nhon.

SAILED YESTERDAY Asian Pegasus (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

Bunga Delima (MSC), for Singapore.

Dresden Express (Hapag-Lloyd), for Europe.

Essen Express (Hapag-Lloyd), for Shanghai.

Ever Lyric (Evergreen), for Los Angeles.

Ever Obtain (Evergreen), for Surabaya.

Frankurt Express (Hapag-Lloyd), for Seattle.

Fremantle Bridge (Kawasaki), for Keelung.

Hanoi Glory (Dong Woo), for Pusan.

Heung-A Hong Kong (Kong Hing), for Bangkok.

Heung-A Ulsan (Kong Hing), for Pusan.

Hyundai Bridge (Hyundai), for Keelung.

Hyundai Sprinter (Hyundai), for Jeddah.

Intelligence Container (Powick), for Durban.

Kaishun (Hyaline), for Taichung.

Kota Berkat (PIL), for Singapore.

Kota Pusaka (PIL), for Manila.

MSC Fremantle (MSC), for Sydney.

NOL Corall (APL), for Europe OOCL Hope (OOCL), for Port Said.

Osaka (Kawasaki), for Keelung.

Pira Bhum (Euro Asia), for Bangkok.

Qing Hong (Euro Asia), for Xiamen.

Scorpio Challenger (OSK), for Durban.

Sealand Endeavour (Sea-Land), for New York.

Sovcomflot Senator (Jebsen), for Seattle.

Trade Harvest (Hanjin), for Europe.

Uni Ardent (Evergreen), for Jeddah.

Uni Obtain (Evergreen), for Jakarta.

Uni Valor (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung.

Uni Vigor (Evergreen), for Pusan.


Asimont (Hyaline), from Keelung.

Bless Container (Powick), from Kaohsiung.

Busan Glory (Dong Woo), from Pusan.

California Luna (NYK), from US.

Celebes (Igor), from Japan.

Chaohe (Constran), from Shanghai.

Choyang Alpha (Choyang), from Europe.

Choyang Challenger (Choyang), from Singapore.

Choyang Success (Choyang), from US.

Ever Divine (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung.

Ever Gallant (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung.

Good Luck (CMS), from Qingdao.

Hanjin Kaohsiung (Hanjin), from Kaohsiung.

Houston (OSK), from Singapore.

Hyundai Highness (Hyundai), from Kaohsiung.

Hyundai Independence (Hyundai), from US.

Ingenuity (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung.

Kota Waris (Hamda), from Pusan.

Kuo Jane (Cheng Lie), from Kaohsiung.

Long Shan (Xiamen Harvest), from Santos.

Lu Hong (Xiamen Harvest), from Xiamen.

Maersk Tacoma (Maersk), from US.

Maersk Toba (Maersk), from Japan.

Masovia (Pearl Delta), from Kaohsiung.

Ming Champion (Pearl Delta), from Bangkok.

Sky Fortune (Tsinlien), from Tientsin.

Uni Moral (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung.

W.H. 223 (Hyaline), from Surabaya.

Yunhe (Cosco), from Europe.

Yuyin (Zhong Shan), from Zhangjiagang.

Zhenhe (Cosco), from Qingdao.


APL Japan (APL), for Sydney.

Asimont (Hyaline), for Keelung.

Bless Container (Powick), for Xiamen.

Choyang Challenger (Choyang), for Pusan.

Dolphin Island (East West), for Manila.

Ever Glory (Evergreen), for Port Said.

Hanjin Beijing (Hanjin), for Europe.

Heung-A Jakarta (Kong Hing), for Japan.

Heung-A Nagoya (Kong Hing), for Haiphong.

Heung-A Singapore (Kong Hing), for Inchon.

Hong Bang (Kawasaki), for Ho Chi Minh City.

Houston (OSK), for Japan.

Hunsa Bhum (Sea-Land), for Singapore.

Ingenuity (Maersk), for Haiphong.

Jaya Mercury (Hyaline), for Ho Chi Minh City.

KMTC Hong Kong (KMTC), for Singapore.

Kota Berlian (PIL), for Kaohsiung.

Maersk Tacoma (Maersk), for Singapore.

Masovia (Pearl Delta), for Japan.

Ming Champion (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung.

NOL Amber (APL), for Port Said.

Oporto (Hyaline), for Japan.

Rhein Bridge (Kawasaki), for Europe.

Seven Seas Aurora (Dong Woo), for Singapore.

Uni Concord (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung.

Zim Sydney (Sun Hing), for Sydney.



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Shipping in port

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