Join Monkey on a mission

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 13 September, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 13 September, 1998, 12:00am

Journey to the West - Mission One Join the quest - Journey to the West - Mission One - to refresh your English skills and boost your general knowledge of Hong Kong.

Released by the South China Morning Post, the CD-ROM is a good way to put your English language skills to the test.

The game is the prelude to a series of cartoons and English learning exercises based on the cartoon characters to be featured in the Young Post later this month.

Instead of tonnes of words and rules, you can test your knowledge with a quiz and a mission game to save Monk Tang, who is trapped in a cage.

There are two levels - high and low. You have to answer 10 questions in each level. There are more difficult questions in the higher level. Every time you start a quiz, you will see some new questions. At the lower level, you will be asked about current affairs in Hong Kong to test your general knowledge.

You may also have to deal with some tricky grammar, including idioms, vocabulary and word formation. Just use your mouse to click on the correct answer. If you're wrong, the correct answer will appear on the screen.

Of course you will meet Monkey in this Journey to the West. To save Monk Tang from the cage, you have to pass through four stages.

Accept the challenge and input the pass codes which consist of four random numbers. Click on the numbers to get the correct four-digit codes. If you hit the correct number, you will hear a bell ring. Then try to guess the next number.

When the bell rings for all four numbers at once, you will have unlocked the codes. But you only have 10 seconds to tackle them.

There are 40 questions related to the service industry in Hong Kong. You have to gain full marks in the four areas: banking, restaurants, petrol stations and the airport.

The questions increase in difficulty with each new stage and you need to have a solid grammar foundation to help rescue Monk Tang.

To move from one stage to another, you should answer at least seven questions out of 10 correctly.

If you score full marks in the four stages, you will get an extra 20 bonus points. But if you fail, you will have to try again. To recognise your efforts to save Monk Tang, you will be awarded a certificate signed by the Leader of the Inter-Galactic Force. You can print it out, and the total scores will be shown on the certificate.

For optimum performance, run on a PC with 486 DX2/66 or above or higher with 4X CD-ROM, 32MB RAM, 50 MB of free hard-disk space, 16-bit sound card and SVGA video card. The programme runs on English and Chinese versions of Microsoft Windows 95 or later.

For PC CD-ROMs MEGAHINT: Start the quiz from the lower level to familiarise yourself with the questions.

MEGAHINT: The mission game tricks you with some basic grammar structures, so be careful with them.