Faults found with 9,400 court cases, legislators told

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 September, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 September, 1998, 12:00am

More than 9,400 court cases have been wrongly prosecuted or sentenced, legislators were told yesterday.

President of the Supreme Court Xiao Yang said the judiciary had discovered 14,993 flawed cases between January and August. So far, 8,110 cases have been redressed.

In reporting the progress of the rectification campaign launched in March, Mr Xiao did not reveal to members of the National People's Congress's internal and judicial affairs committee if the cases included any 'counter-revolutionary' criminals.

'Counter-revolutionary' offences were last year replaced with 'endangering state security', but nearly 2,000 criminals convicted of the former offence remain in jail.

Mr Xiao said the judiciary had received more than 12,000 complaints of corruption during the period.

Investigations were launched into 5,000 claims. So far, 4,701 judicial officials and police have been disciplined, including 131 who face criminal charges.

Procurator-general Han Zhubin said that during the same period, he completed investigations of 777 of his cadres, 73 of whom would face criminal charges.

Mr Xiao reported the performances of 177 leadership teams had been reviewed. Mr Han could not give a figure.

The pair said both the judiciary and the procuratorate would by year's end 'strictly enforce' a ban on the bodies running businesses.

The order, issued by President Jiang Zemin, requires the PLA, police, judges and prosecutors to stop running businesses as an important step in wiping out corruption and smuggling.