Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 September, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 September, 1998, 12:00am

ARRIVED YESTERDAY Acx Lily (NYK), Panamanian, from Singapore An Guo (Golden Fame), Chinese, from Qingdao An Long (CMS), Chinese, from Shekou Asian Chorus (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore Asian Pollux (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Tokyo Baynunah (Inchcape), Panamanian, from Singapore Bow Lady (Wallem), Russian, from Singapore Chang An 105 (Goldrise), Panamanian, from Chaoyang Chen Da 513 (Cosco), Panamanian, from Huangpu Choyang Volga (Jebsen), Panamanian, from Keelung Csav Rosario (Jardine), Panamanian, from Keelung Esperanza Ii (Mutiara), Panamanian, from Keelung Fiona (John Mcrink), Panamanian, from Taichung Fu Fung (Kanway), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Glory Container (Powick), Panamanian, from Guangzhou Hai An Cheng (Costran), Chinese, from Keelung Hai Da (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Xiamen Hai Gong You 25 (CMS), Chinese, from Shekou Hansa Castella (Asianlink), Panamanian, from Keelung Hong Ning (Yick Cheong), Chinese, from Shantou Houston (OSK), Panamanian, from Kobe Hua Chang Hai No.18 (CMS), Panamanian, from Zhongshan Hua Dian No.8 (Chu Kong), Panamanian, from Zhuhai Hyundai Future (Hyundai), Panamanian, from SNG Hyundai General (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore Kota Berani (PIL), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Kota Wijaya (Hamda), Panamanian, from Laen Chabang Long Lun 103 (Xiamen Harvest), Panamanian, from Quanzhou Med Taipei (Warhai), Panamanian, from Keelung Min Tai 5 (Ever Harvest), Chinese, from Fuzhou Ming America(Warhai), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Ming Glory (Warhai), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung National Dignity (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Pusan Noble (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Pusan Nol Iolite (APL), Panamanian, from Tokyo P&O Nedlloyd Seattle (P&O Nedlloyd), Dutch, from Yantian Perak (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Shanghai Red Sapphire (Swire), British, from Tianjin Rong Da (Golden Fame), Chinese, from Fuqing Santa Isabella (Sun Hing), German, from Singapore Siam Bridge (Kawasaki), Liberian, from Kobe Tian Yue (Tsinlien), Chinese, from Xingang Uni-Ahead (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Uni-Humanity (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Keelung Uni-Valor (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Taichung Wan Chun (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Taichung Wei Li No.2 (Brightwell), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Wing Lee No.21 (Wing Lee), Panamanian, from Zhongshan Xing Wen (Inchcape), Panamanian, from Vanino Xing Ye No.5 (Wing Lee), Panamanian, from Sanshan Yue Guang (Haifa), Chinese, from Shekou Yue Hai 928 (Graceful), Panamanian, from Xiamen Zhao Qing He (Cosco), Panamanian, from Huangpu Zim Bangkok (Sun Hing), German, from Quinhon Zim Jamaica (Sun Hing), German, from Long Beach SAILED YESTERDAY ACX Lily (NYK), for Japan Asian Pollux (Hyaline), for Singapore Bunga Raya Dua (Mak Shui Cho & Son), for Europe Chu Xiang (Wai Hong), for Europe Ever Level (Evergreen), for Los Angeles Hanjin Dailian (Hanjin), for Europe Houston (OSK), for Singapore Hyundai Future (Hyundai), for Keelung Hyundai General (Hyundai), for Pusan Kota Berani (PIL), for Singapore Kota Pusaka (PIL), for Manila Kota Wijaya (Hamda), for Shanghai Maersk Rotterdam (Maersk), for Long Beach Masovia (Warhai), for Manila Min Tai 5 (Ever Harvest), Chinese, from Fuzhou Ming America (Warhai), for US Ming Glory (Warhai), for Europe MSC Rafaela (MSC), for Shanghai National Dignity (Hyaline), for Keelung Nelloyd Normandie (P&O Nedlloyd), for Kaohsiung Nol Iolite (APL), for Europe OOCL Netherlands (OOCL), for Shanghai Ora Bhum (Euro-Asia), for Bangkok P&O Nedlloyd Seattle (P&O Nedlloyd), for Seattle Perak (Evergreen), for Keelung Siam Bridge (Kawasaki), for Bangkok Sealand Eagle (Sea Land), for Mediterranean Tian Yue (Tsinlien), for Tianjin Uni-Ahead (Evergreen), for Saudi Arabia Uni-Moral (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung Uni-Onward (Evergreen), for Indonesia Uni-Summit (Evergreen), for Manila Uni-Valor (Evergreen), for Singapore Wan Chun (Hyaline), for Taiwan Xing Wen (Inchcape), for Shanghai Zhao Qing He (Cosco), for Keelung ARRIVALS TODAY Abu Dhabi (DRS Senator), from Saudi Arabia, 6pm, HIT ACX Daisy (NYK), from Keelung, 9pm, MTL APL Sardonyx (APL), from Kaohsiung, 6am, HIT Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), from Haiphong, 7pm, A Buoy Bauhinia (Gold Bridge), from Kaohsiung, 6am, A Buoy Blue Star (Powick), from Japan, 10pm, Brace Eagle (KMTC), from Keelung, 4pm, A Buoy Chu He (Wai Hong), from Shanghai, 7pm, B Buoy Estoril (PIL), from Singapore, 5pm, A Buoy Ever Greet (Evergreen), from Taiwan, 7pm, HIT Hanjin London (Hanjin), from Kaohsiung, 10pm, W.A.

Heung A Dragon (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 8pm, B Buoy Heung A Bagoya (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 11pm, B Buoy Honchun (Hyaline), from Taiwan, 3pm, HIT Hamber Bridge (Kawasaki), from Kaohsiung, 7pm, HIT Hutuohe (Cosco), from Japan, 9pm, HIT Hyundai Dynasty (Hyundai), from Kaohsiung, 11pm, HIT Iwaki (N.Y.K.), from Keelung, 6pm, MTL Kamnik (Bravo), from Singapore, 10am, B Buoy KMTC Keelung (KMTC), from Keelung, 8pm, A Buoy KMTC Pusan (KMTC), from Singapore, 3pm, A Buoy Kuo Hsin (Cheng Lie), from Taiwan, 6pm, A Buoy Kuo Hsing (Cheng Lie), from Taiwan, 8pm, A Buoy LeyuQuan (Chesway), from Dalian, 2pm, B Buoy Long Shan (Xiamen Harvest), from Shantou, 5pm, MTL Lucky River (Cosco), from Xishui, 4pm, HIT Maersk Osaka (Maersk), from Kaohsiung, 8am, MTL Mardia (Hyaline), from Taiwan, 4pm, HIT Nelloyd Europa (P&O Nedlloyd), from Mediterranean, 5pm, MTL OOCL America (OOCL), from Kaohsiung, 9am, HIT Rich Star (Lailon), from Qingdao, 9pm, B Buoy Rong Da 383 (Golden Fortune), from Wuzhou, 5pm, B Buoy Rover (Yi Tong), from Taichung, 4am, A Buoy Sangthai Quartz (Ocean Eagle) , from Tawau, 6am, B Buoy Seto Bridge (Kawasaki), from Nagoya, 6am, HIT Susan Maersk (Maersk), from Singapore, 7am, MTL Trade Eternity (Hanjin), from Singapore, 8am, SLT Uni-Crown (Evergreen), from Laem Chabang, 8pm, HIT WH 161(Hyaline), from Laem Chabang, 3pm, HIT Yuan He (Cosco), from Singapore, 7am, HIT SAILINGS TODAY Abu Dhani (DRS Senator), for Japan, 12pm, HIT Changan 109 (Patent), for Shanghai, 3am, A Buoy Chu He (Wai Hong), for Shanghai, 3pm, B Buoy Ever Result (Evergreen), for US, 3am, HIT Glory Container (Powick), for Taiwan, 8am, A Buoy Jian Jiang (Xiamen Harvest), for Shantou, 3am, MTL Norasia Hai (Norasia), for Mediterranean, 6am, HIT P&O Nedlloyd Normandie (P&O Nedlloyd), for Europe, 7pm, HIT Ville De Capella (APL), for Saudi Arabia, 5pm, HIT Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), for Haiphong, 6pm, A Buoy Hanjin Kobe (Hanjin), for Australia, 11pm, W.A.

Hutuohe (Cosco), for Bangkok, 1pm, HIT KMTC Keelung (KMTC), for Singapore, 4pm, A Buoy Kuo Hsin (Cheng Lie),for Singapore, 4pm, A Buoy LeyuQuan (Chesway), for Dalian, 2pm, B Buoy Long Lun (Xiamen Harvest), for Chuanzhou, 5am, MTL Lucky River (Cosco), for Ningbo, 4pm, HIT Mardia (Hyaline), for Manila, 2pm, HIT Ming America (Warhai), for US, 4am, HIT Nan Gui Yun 3612 (Golden Fortune), for Guikong, 6am, B Buoy Susan Maersk (Maersk), for Japan, 7pm, MTL Xiashunyun 15 (Xiamen Harvest), for Xiamen, 8am, MTL Uni-Humanity (Evergreen), for Ho Chi Minh City, 3am, HIT WH 161(Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 3pm, HIT Yuan He (Cosco), for Dalian, 6am, HIT EXPECTED ARRIVALS TOMORROW AL Abdali (DRS Senator), from Taiwan Anda 165 (Xiamen Harvest), from Chuanzhou Andes Challenger (OSK), from Keelung Asimont (Hyaline), from Keelung Aveiro (Warhai), from Taiwan California (NYK), from US Carina Challenger (OSK), from Keelung Choyang ARK (Jebsen), from Europe Dahe (Cosco), from Qingdao Dongfengshan (Euro-Asia), from Xiamen Ever Guest (Evergreen), from Taiwan Fairy Eagle (Hyaline), from Taiwan Gerd Maersk (Maersk), from Japan Good Luck (CML), from Qingdao Hanjin Elizabeth (Hanjin), from Singapore Heung A KK (Kong Hing), from Laem Chabang Hoechst Express (Hapag Lloyd), from Yantian Hong Yun 228 (Golden Fortune), from Lauzhou Hyundai Emperor (Hyundai), from Kaohsiung Hyundai Fortune (Hyundai), from US Ingenuity (Maersk), from Kaohsiung Jia Sheng (Xiamen Harvest), from Shantou Kap Lyashenko (Fesco), from New Zealand Kuo Lung (Cheng Lie), from Indonesia Lu Hong (Xiamen Harvest), from Xiamen Maersk Toyama (Maersk), from US Ming Container (Warhai), from Laem Chabang Monte Rosa (OSK), from Singapore Nordsund (CML), from Dalian Oporto (Hyaline), from Taiwan Osaka (Kawasaki), from Keelung Pictor Challenger (OSK), from Singapore Providence Bay (P&O Nedlloyd), from Europe Quihe (Cosco), from Shanghai River Wisdom (Cosco), from Europe Singapore Glory (Dong Woo), from Pusan Sky Fortune (Tsinlien), from Tianjin St Petersburg Senator (Jebsen) from Singapore Uni Fortune (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung WH 203 (Hyaline), from Taiwan WH 221 (Hyaline), from Singapore Zim Jamaica (Sun Hing), from US EXPECTED SAILINGS TOMORROW ACX Daisy (NYK), for Singapore Al Abdali (DRS Senator), for Mediterranean Andes Challenger (OSK), for W. Africa APL Thailand (APL), for Saudi Arabia Aveiro (Warhai), for Japan Beidaihe (Cosco), for Fongshing Blue Star (Powick), for Xiamen Brave Eagle (KMTC), for Bangkok Candia (Dong Woo), for US Carina Challenger (OSK), for South America Choyang Leader (Powick), for Pusan Estoril (PIL), for Kaohsiung Ever Greet (Evergreen), for Mediterranean Hanjin London (Hanjin), for Europe Heung A Dragon (Kong Hing), for Ho Chi Minh City Heung A KK (Kong Hing), for Pusan Heung A Nagoya (Kong Hing), for Haiphong Hoechst Express (Hapag Lloyd), for Europe Hunsa Bhum (Sea Land), for Laem Chabang Hyundai Dynasty (Hyundai), for Mediterranean Ingenuity (Maersk), for Haiphong Iwaki (OSK), for South America Jinmanhe (Wellwind), for Taiwan Kai Cheng (Xiamen Harvest), for Xiamen Kap Lyashenko (Fesco), for New Zealand Kuo Hsiung (Cheng Lie), for Bangkok Long Shan (Xiamen Harvest), for Shantou Maersk Toyama (Maersk), for Singapore Min Tai 2 (Graceful), for Xiamen Ming Container (Warhai), for Japan Monte Rosa (OSK), for Japan Oporto (Hyaline), for Japan Osaka (Kawasaki), for South Africa Rich Star (Lailon), for Qingdao Rong Da 383 (Golden Fame), for Wuzhou Seven Seas Beacon (Dong Woo), for Singapore Singapore Glory (Dong Woo), for Pusan Uni-Crown (Evergreen), for Taiwan


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Shipping in port

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