Time now for forgiveness

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 September, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 September, 1998, 12:00am

I live in the UK, where there has been full coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky story.

Although I am not really political, I have been following it closely and I do not think President Bill Clinton should resign.

Fair enough, he lied to those closest to him and this undoubtedly reveals a major character flaw.

Some people are using the word crime with regard to what has happened. However, extramarital affairs are going on all the time, all over the world.

They are not crimes and those involved are not tried in a court of law.

Those involved in such affairs avoid telling others the truth about these relationships, unless they come under pressure to do so. This is what happened in the case of Mr Clinton.

He may be president of a major country, but he is human like the rest of us.

Mr Clinton is now in office for a second term. Since becoming president, the US has grown stronger and has become a more powerful country.

It is true that poverty still exists, as is the case in most, if not all, developed nations, but the overall standard of living of the American people has improved, so why should Mr Clinton resign? It seems as though there are people determined to embarrass the White House and Mr Clinton in particular.

He may not do the right thing all the time, but he is clever and politically astute.

If he is supposed to resign over his relationships with Monica Lewinsky, does that mean that all American men who have had extramarital affairs should resign from their jobs? Adultery is a common human error.

It is not a political issue and it is time for the American people to forgive their President.