Steamy discounts to City of Life

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 04 October, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 04 October, 1998, 12:00am

WELL! We are shocked! What price Asian Values now? Up to 80 per cent off, actually, if we understood the Hong Kong Tourist Authority (HKTA) correctly.

Guess where Quarry Bay spotted that slogan: 'Hong Kong, City of Life'.

Why, under the headline: 'That hypocrite broke up my family. The secret affair of Henry Hyde, the man who will judge President Clinton.' That is where! It is on the Internet web site of Salon Magazine, a strange mixture of steamy gossip and social commentary, and is reproduced (no doubt to the HKTA's huge delight) in Time magazine.

'Incredible discounts,' the advertisement says.

For what, we wonder, given the nature of the site? Weekend breaks at Kowloon Tong love-hotels, maybe? Of course, our City of Life does provide good, wholesome fun. Such as the National Day variety show at the Coliseum, staged for the SAR's great and good.

The juggling act went for audience participation. Spinning a saucer on a stick, the leader of the troupe handed his prop to legislator Philip Wong Yu-hong - who dropped it.

For which he was dealt a blow to the head with a hammer. Thank goodness it was an inflatable plastic hammer.

Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa and a bevy of dignitaries were delighted - though Mr Tung might have wished it had been Martin Lee Chu-ming instead.

Mr Tung, we are sure, would not have exposed himself to attack so easily. A few weeks ago the Post noted the Chief Executive was lagging behind his top officials in not having an e-mail address.

He was lagging more than we thought. A new service on the Net gives the e-mail addresses of world leaders, from Albania to Zambia.

But neither Hong Kong nor China seem to have any way of e-mailing theirs.

They are not alone: North Korea has no e-mail address for its leader either.

After the state-owned enterprises and the capitalist corporates, the next to downsize will be the Beijing-backed media.

It is understood the joint budget for the left-wing dailies Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po and Commercial Daily will halve next year. At least one will close and the three may merge.

Remember you read it here first. But the writing must have been on the wall when the former Ta Kung Pao editor, Tsang Tak-sing, joined the SAR's Central Policy Unit in July.

Drama at Eastern Court - the only one sitting over the holiday.

Prosecutor Esther Mak told the magistrate, Gary Tallentire, that the prosecution was ready to proceed. After the first conviction, Mr Tallentire could not sentence the guilty man. There were no records of previous convictions for any of the defendants.

'Sir,' Ms Mak said, 'they would not send down the records because it is the holidays.' 'So why did you tell me you were ready to proceed?' 'The prosecution is ready to proceed, apart from not having the records, Sir,' Ms Mak replied.

The magistrate adjourned certain cases to Monday and sentenced the rest as first offenders.

Recidivists, take note: if you must re-offend, make sure you do it just ahead of a public holiday.