Visa application rejected

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 April, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 April, 1993, 12:00am

I AM a first year student at Hongkong Polytechnic.

My brother is a student in Canada and he promised me that, as a birthday present, he would send me an air ticket, so I could visit him this summer.

I started saving up. I wanted to be well prepared and went to the office of my department head, to get a letter of reference.

My plans were on schedule.

I then went to the Canadian Commission and was disappointed to be questioned by the immigration officer on my family background.

The officer noted that both my parents were dead, so she did not see any proof that there was anyone in Hongkong who would be able to support me.

Moreover, because I was a first year student, it might be suspected that I would not return to Hongkong to study.

As my brother was living in Canada, how could she be sure I would not also try and live there? Given these problems, the officer said she would have to render my visa application void. I felt like I was being scolded for a perfectly reasonable visa application.

My brother's situation was irrelevant.

He was sponsored by my aunt and made his application to study in Canada, legally in Hongkong. And why should my parents' death have anything to do with it? I am a degree student at the polytechnic and I have every intention of completing my studies.

If Canada is supposed to stand for fairness and justice, why was I deprived of my freedom to travel? This was my last chance to use my long summer holidays for this trip. Next year and in my final year, I will be working during the summer break.

All I wanted was the chance to enjoy my holiday with my brother in a beautiful country like Canada.

Now the commission has rejected my visa application and I don't know how I'm going to break the news to my brother.