Suspect HK firms make US blacklist

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 October, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 October, 1998, 12:00am

US customs is circulating a new blacklist of 34 Hong Kong companies it 'suspects' of having been involved in illegal transshipment activities between the mainland and the United States.

The list, which is being distributed among importers and trade officials, takes the number of suspect firms to a little more than 100.

Importers buying from these factories could be the target of highly detailed requests for information about where the textiles were made, including having to provide original production documentation.

US customs warns that any importers doing business with these companies should exercise a higher degree of care in establishing the country of origin of the merchandise sold or exported.

In some cases, importers will seek alternative sources rather than run the risk of the delays and expense required to establish the origin of their orders.

In the past, factories have only been placed on the list after being prosecuted and convicted in Hong Kong or fined in Macau for illegal transshipment activities, such as making false origin declarations to obtain export visas.

But David Murphy, a specialist trade attorney with Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz & Silverman, said customs would not provide any details on what laws the firms were alleged to have broken.

The companies are: Bedford Brassieres and Garment Factory, Best Rise Enterprise, Bo Tak Knitting Garment Factory, Cam Fung Tai Garment Manufacturing Co, Canfaith Industrial, Dragon Living Garment, Dragonwin Garment, Forest Trading Co, Gilbase Garment Factory, Golden Wheel Garment Factory, Goldland Garment Factory, Goldroyce Garment, Hong Tat Manufacturing Enterprises, Hontex Knitting Factory, Ka Man Garment Factory, Kam Shing Garment Factory, Kei May Garment and Industrial Clothing, Kindon Garment, Kinec, Knitful Industrial, Lai Kee Brassieres, Ming Fung Garment Factory, Sang Fat Bras Garment Factory, Shun Tat Fashion Manufacturing, Sisley Brassieres and Garment Factory, Six Glove Factory, Sweetmart Garment Works, Tak Bo Knitting Garment Factory, Tong Shing Garment Factory, Top Knitters, Weljoin, Winful Garment Factory, Wui Chun Garment Factory and Yik Chung Garment Factory.