Little hope of refund for coupons

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 November, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 November, 1998, 12:00am

KPS is facing the possibility of having the bailiffs called in after failing to comply with a court order to give refunds to four members who took it to court, it emerged yesterday.

Winnie Lam Pui-yee and Wong Hon-ming went to the Small Claims Tribunal yesterday to apply to call in the bailiffs after the company failed to follow a court order to refund their coupons.

'We have won the case but still can't get any compensation. It is outrageous,' Ms Lam said.

'We understand that economically it is unwise for us to take the matter further but we are doing this for the sake of justice, not for money,' said Ms Lam.

They will have to pay $2,490 to the Bailiff Office as a deposit and $50 a week for procedure fees to take their case further.

Bailiffs can then go to the KPS headquarters to take any movable KPS property for auction and the money will be used to pay the refund.

Ms Lam and Mr Wong could get $933 and $530 respectively if bailiffs succeed.

However, if KPS declares bankruptcy, the plaintiffs will have to pay for the operation, $300 per day.

The Small Claims Tribunal ruled that KPS 'seriously breached' the contract with its customers and ordered it to refund a total of $3,040 to four plaintiffs on October 23.

However, the company did not pay the money before going into receivership yesterday.

Legislator Lee Wing-tat said the chance of KPS coupon holders getting compensation was slim.

'We can only do our best to fight for their interests but you can't expect too much,' Mr Lee said.

'If there is nobody willing to take over KPS, it will declare bankruptcy. All its properties will then go to auction and the money will be used to pay all the debtors. First it will be the Government, then the employees and the suppliers.

'The coupon holders will be the last ones to get compensation and usually that means none of them will.'