Summertime Miami inspires Versus man

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 April, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 April, 1993, 12:00am

IT is a holiday and the Versus man is hanging out with the crew. Versus, by Gianni Versace, skates along the boardwalks and sidewalks, by the beach and the pool, the young, free and single chill out in the heat.

They are cool and carefree, high on holiday spirit. A raised eyebrow, a nod of the head - then a leap in the air, a dive in the water.

Looking back to the future, the Versus man plunders the past for present pleasure.

The 1960s are the mood of the moment and Miami is the only place to be.

It is wild, free and utterly captivating - a serene surface, but stand in the streets and feel the pulse.

The colour, intrigue and vivacity is contagious.

That is Miami, the inspiration for the summertime Versus man.

He still loves the signature black, white and gold, but he takes his leave in potent pastels.

Casual linen suits are decked out in lilac, apricot, turquoise and lime green with a single button, loose-fitting trousers, gold-tipped pockets.

Shirts go wild, inspired by the city's folklore.

Baroque is still the basis, but figures, images, art and culture make a splash across bold black and white, blocks of summer green and blue.

Wear them open, knotted at the waist - or under water. Anything goes on a holiday high.

Jeans are, as always, simply beautiful. Whatever the mood, there's a colour to match. Wear them in denim, stretch or leather. Wear them alone with reverse stitching, team them with a matching or contrasting jacket.

For lazy days in a palm-tree haze, dissolve into white light. White jeans and white long or short-sleeved T-shirts sum up the summer with the multi-coloured slogan: ''Miami, Florida, USA.'' Accessories and detailing dazzle. Like coins caught in sunlight, gold glitters on collar wing-tips, jacket studs, buttons and zips; silver sparkles on chunky chain belts, buckles and boots.

Around the neck, crosses hang on leather thongs. On feet, take a walk on the wild side with Grecian sandals, baseball boots or beach shoes.

It is summer fashion with no sweat.