It's a dirty job

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 December, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 December, 1998, 12:00am

It is going to be hard to enjoy this new series of NYPD Blue (Pearl, 9.30pm) knowing that poor Bobby Simone's sufferings are far from over now that the Salvo thing has gone away and he has been vindicated as an honest cop.

Each time he and Andy go out on an assignment we are all going to be worrying about him. Each time he is in a scene with poor lighting, it will be impossible not to wonder if it really is shadow, or the start of his debilitating illness.

In tonight's episode, punningly titled 'All's Wells That Ends Wells', he looks positively radiant compared to the witnesses he has to interview after a customer is shot during a robbery in a bar. The police arrive to find two bodies, and a room full of drunk patrons who can hardly remember their own names, let alone who shot who and why.

It is much easier to answer the question posed by this week's Hong Kong Connection (Pearl, 6.50pm) which asks why, 26 years after the Government launched the famous Lapsap dragon Clean Hong Kong campaign, the place is such a disgusting mess.

Because everybody thinks it is somebody else's problem, that is why.

When one takes a walk through a country park, and all the bins are overflowing, overturned, and every tree is hung with plastic bags and each shrub buried in fruit-juice cartons, it is hard to make the effort.

Things are so bad, what difference can one more crisp packet, or barbecue fork possibly make? The only way to overcome such chaos is to hire lots of litter inspectors who have the power to fine people ridiculous amounts of money. It probably wouldn't hurt to get the bins in our public spaces emptied more than once a weekend either.

Chris Patten continues his series East And West (Cable News Channel 1, 8.30pm) this evening by going to South Korea to gloat, or should that be commiserate, with President Kim Dae-jung. Mr Patten has always been openly cynical about 'Asian values' and in tonight's programme 'Tiger Talk' he gives a pretty convincing explanation of why he was right all along.

South Korea, which was the most famous tiger economy of them all, has fallen further than almost any other East Asian country in the past year or so. It is this mess which former dissident Kim Dae-jung inherited when he took over as president.

Mr Patten interviews Mr Kim, talking about the way out of the mess. He also visits Korean-owned factories in Britain to show how the problems have spread.