Pamela Pak

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 03 January, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 03 January, 1999, 12:00am

This former broadcasting and communications student was an ambassador for airline TWA before becoming Hong Kong's most famous agony aunt almost 20 years ago. After a turbulent year during which she was taken off the air by CR2, she is taking life easy.

Favourite book: I prefer books on Buddhist teachings and classic Chinese novels such as The Dream Of A Red Chamber and the Tale Of The Three Kingdoms, which I flick through frequently. I also like self-help books, such as Anthony Robbins' Unlimited Power and Awaken The Giant Within, and Stephen R. Covey's The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

Magazine: I enjoy bingeing on gossip in Next Magazine and Newsweek, but to relax I go for National Geographic and magazines about interior design or architecture. The Party Jokes column in Playboy is not bad either.

Film: Rashomon, directed by Akira Kurosawa. A violent incident is seen through the eyes of four witnesses, each of whom has a contradictory version of events. It makes you appreciate why people lie. There are also unforgettable scenes in great films like Gone With The Wind and The Godfather.

CD: My musical tastes are wide-ranging - anything from The Beatles to Elvis, from Rod Stewart to Elton John and Pavarotti.

Car: My Mercedes-Benz 380 SLC, whose sporty, streamlined shape attracts plenty of admiring onlookers. I bought it brand new in 1981 after I read in Playboy that Hugh Hefner had bought one for his girlfriend. I've kept it because it never gives me any trouble.

Place to take a guest in Hong Kong: I always take foreign guests to Yung Kee restaurant on Wellington Street which serves good Chinese food at reasonable prices. When I feel like splashing out, I take them to Forum on Lockhart Road for exquisitely cooked dried abalone and bird's nest soup.

Way to keep fit: Walking between destinations as much as possible - but not in Causeway Bay; it's too polluted.

Way to spend a Sunday: Swim in the morning, lunch with friends and then chilling out at home with books and videos.

Holiday destination: For shopping, Paris. For food, Thailand. And for relaxation, Malta, which is beautiful.

Scent: I'm a fan of aromatherapy - sandlewood, jasmine and ginger flowers are my favourite scents. Diorissimo is my favourite perfume.

Cosmetic/beauty product: I'm always trying new products, but none are as good as my personal beauty regime - intensive sweating through exercise, followed by a cold shower to close the skin pores.

Accessory: Good-looking guys to pay my bills, open the doors, to talk to and be in love with - I like them tall, handsome, with healthy skin. I have a few at my disposal, but only take one at a time.

Hairdresser: Me. Rever's May-ling sets the shape when I need a style change - usually every few months - but I trim my own hair.

Meal: Raw food - romaine leaves, toro??? and Beluga caviar are my favourites.

Restaurant: Camino at the Excelsior for its great Italian cusine and cosy surroundings, and the American Club's salad bar for its variety of fresh ingredients.

Alcoholic drink: I love red wine, particularly Chateau Latour '82. I also love the Chinese wine, Virgin Daughter, to go with a hairy crab feast.

Shop: Outdoor fruit and vegetable markets - the first places I check out whenever I travel. The best in Hong Kong is the Sai Wan wholesale market, close to the seafront, where you can buy in bulk at half the retail prices. I stock up there at least once a fortnight.

Artist: At the moment, it's Brad Pitt. He looks naive but cute and seems unconcious of his own beauty. I also like Anthony Hopkins for his acting artistry.

Designer: The late Gianni Versace for his ability to put together creative and rich fashion shows. And architect I.M. Pei for his dynamic yet elegant designs. I particularly like his pyramids.

Person: My buddy, lawyer Paul Tse. He fits all my 'favourite accessory' criteria, and has a good heart. He talks little but he can use very simple words to express the most detailed and refined feelings.