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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 January, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 January, 1999, 12:00am

'The problem is that technically, things look awful.' ING Barings' regional strategist Paul Shulte on the prospects of an Asian recovery.

'I am afraid there is no rocket science behind these figures. There is simply too much metal and not enough demand.' Banque Paribas' Michael Stones on the slump in copper prices.

'There are lots of bargains in China stocks after the recent panic from the Itic thing and yuan devaluation. People overreact and generalise and assume every China stock has the same problem.' Value Partners' fund manager Norman Ho.

'Even with Herculean efforts, I doubt if it would be feasible to insulate, over the long run, trust funds from political pressures - direct and indirect- to allocate capital to less than its most productive use. Similarly, there is evidence that suggests that, the greater the proportion of trustess who are political appointees, the lower the rate of return.' United States Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, casting doubt on plans to invest government money in stocks.

'You can get a college graduate for US$4 a day in Cebu, and for $1 a day in China you get a warm body.' Cebu Investment Promotions Centre managing director Joel Mari Yu.

'This would be far in excess of anything ever seen in an industrialised country.' Moody's Investors Service managing director Vincent Truglia, talking about how the Japanese Government's plans to pad its revenues through bond issues could threaten to push the ratio of debt to gross domestic product as high as 140 per cent by 2003.

'I'm sure that within a year, fund managers' assets will come back here like charging bulls.' YTL managing director Francis Yeoh Sock Ping.

'The message in the [United] States was that they needed to see a 280-290 basis points [spread] - then everyone bit their arm off to get to the issue.' CLSA Global Emerging Markets head of credit research Chris Tinker.

'Heading into the first quarter of 1999, the economy seems to have a good deal of momentum: 1999 could be similar to what we saw in 1998, ongoing signs of strong growth and low inflation.' Standard & Poor's MMS economist Rick MacDonald.

'Growth is going gangbusters. There's no obvious reason for growth to slow down and I doubt it can continue at this pace without the Fed stepping in.' Chief US economist at Maria Fiorini Ramirez in New York, Suzanne Rizzo.

'If I can quote Andrew Grove, the chief of Intel: 'Only the paranoid survive.' I am always paranoid.' Mainland Internet company Sohu chief Charles Zhang Chaoyang.

'Disclosure is a powerful form of regulation . . . it becomes a powerful regulatory tool. If you know that you have to talk about what you are doing, wouldn't you be more careful?' Securities and Futures Comission deputy chairman Laura Cha Shih May-lung.