Governor lashes out at 'gang of useless gossips'

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 February, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 01 February, 1999, 12:00am

Guangdong Governor Lu Ruihua has hit out at cadres who do 'nothing but gossip'.

At a meeting with deputies from Foshan who were attending the provincial people's congress on Saturday, Mr Lu also lashed out at cadres who 'feed off the state budget to such an extent that reform of the bureaucracy has become inevitable'.

'The state has bred a gang of good-for-nothing individuals who do nothing but gossip,' Mr Lu was quoted as saying by the Nanfang Daily.

'How can we then establish a highly efficient, co-ordinated administration?' he asked the Foshan deputies.

To highlight his concern, Mr Lu said he would call a special meeting immediately after the congress ended to study ways to streamline the bureaucracy.

The Guangdong Governor also used the occasion to call for more transparency in the decision-making process in examining and approving government tenders.

'The origin of corruption lies in those who have the power to examine and approve,' he said.

'To exterminate corruption from the source, that power has to be made public as much as possible.' The provincial mouthpiece yesterday reported him saying that all future tenders, except those concerning confidential projects, would be made public.

The same would apply to the examination and approval process, which should state in advance how much time was required for processing.

'If there is any delay, you may sue the unit concerned,' Mr Lu reportedly said.

'The objective for the whole exercise is to place the government authority under the supervision of the masses and to institutionalise it.'