Let's get quizzical ...

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 March, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 21 March, 1999, 12:00am

questions: 1 How many provinces and territories constitute Canada? 2 What is a planarian? a) a worm b) an astronomer c) a botanist 3 What does an otolaryngologist specialise in? 4 For which English soccer club does Paul Gascoigne play? 5 Who played the female lead in the 1985 movie Witness? 6 Where would you find the Sears Tower? 7 Who had a hit with 1979 single Dance Away? 8 What is the capital of Tibet? 9 Who wrote the story Three Men In A Boat? 10 Where in Hong Kong would you find Sunshine Island? 11 Who said: 'Fashions are only induced epidemics'? a) Calvin Klein b) Dorothy Parker c) George Bernard Shaw 12 What is Malaysia's unit of currency? answers: 1 12 2 a) a worm 3 Ear, nose and throat problems 4 Middlesbrough 5 Kelly McGillis 6 Chicago 7 Roxy Music 8 Lhasa 9 Jerome K. Jerome. 10 Between Lamma and Lantau 11 c) George Bernard Shaw 12 The ringgit