'Brights' reflect upbeat outlook

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 March, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 March, 1999, 12:00am

As the apparel textile business is directly related to the fashion industry, the show is presenting colour and texture stories for the spring/summer 2000 season in its Trend Forum display.

Compiled by the Directions trend committee, the six themes will give visitors an overall picture of global fashion trends.

A new optimism is expected for the first fashion season of the next millennium. So white is a top choice as a substitute for black and to offset other colours.

Another key word is 'mutation', implying a new approach to nature and technology, with both being considered equally important and mutually compatible.

The first theme, White Light, gives prominence to white, the essential colour of the season in a variety of nuances and moods - pure optical white, off-white and slightly tinted eggshell whites. Neutrals such as pale greys and verdigris add subtle accents to all the whites.

The Nature Odyssey story is a homage to nature in all its aspects, from the shades of flora and fauna to its infinite structures, offering designers an endless well of inspiration.

The palette is developed around one of vegetable, mossy and acid greens, combined with pink and honey- yellow touches.

The Poetic Freshness theme brings in a breath of fresh air and conveys gentle vibrations with sweet and naive hues. Mid-tones of slightly grey, powdered shades and candy colours are mixed with white for an appealing look.

In contrast, the Exotic Joy theme is a melting pot of Pacific and Caribbean influences.

Inspired by the speed and vigour of modern life, the Electric Blues story contrasts deep and strong blues with pure white and almost fluoro accents such as acid yellow, flashy green and turquoise.

Finally, City Functional conveys an 'early season' spirit with a refined mood built around summer darks and neutrals such as beige.