A combined understanding

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 31 March, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 31 March, 1999, 12:00am

Jeffrey Fang, the fashion retailer who gave Hong Kong the Episode label, has made his foray into lifestyle concept stores. On Saturday, Fang opened EQ:IQ, a shop dedicated to fashion, accessories, homeware and bodycare products. EQ:IQ (which Fang described as 'the union of emotion and intelligence') is the brainchild of the retailer and his wife Christine, who designs the brand's ready-to-wear collection.

The all-white interior brings a Madison Avenue feel to the store, which is nestled on the second floor of the burgeoning Gateway shopping arcade in Harbour City. Fang recruited supermodel Astrid Munoz (pictured) for the advertising campaign, while home accessories and bodycare items are also a strong attraction: glass bowls, chunks of fragrant soaps imported from the United States, rhinestone bracelets and chiffon scarves make for an eclectic shopping experience. Prices are moderate to high: about $400 for the scarves, $750 for shoes, and $1,000 for light wool shell tops.

Rykiel cell out Funky cell-phone holders are the latest fashion accessory. The newest - and most glitzy - come from Sonia Rykiel: made from pink, blue or black sequins and strung from slim silk straps, the cases, priced at $1,195, were selling well during a mini-fashion show at the Rykiel boutique in The Landmark last week. But sold out were the black waterproof versions, which went for $695.

Change of line Remember when shoppers would queue up outside stores waiting for the crowds to disperse so they could be let in? Well, maybe those days are back - we saw several people lining up outside Louis Vuitton on Canton Road on a Saturday afternoon. We understand it is a regular occurrence, one encouraged by the fact Vuitton is newly and suddenly hip, but also because the Kowloon store - unlike The Landmark monster boutique - can only hold a few people at a time.