Aqualite offers ray of tranquillity

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 April, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 April, 1999, 12:00am

Whether buyers are looking for unusual lighting concepts or traditional lamps, they will find something to suit their needs from two Hong Kong exhibitors.

Lighting specialist Rabbit Tanaka is aiming to diffuse an aura of peace and tranquillity with its latest collection.

'Aqualite is a natural stress reliever and produces a calm frame of mind,' marketing manager Susanne Leung said.

Reminiscent of lava lamps, this innovative product is a 73-centimetre-high cylinder filled with water in which bubbles rise. The density of the bubbles can be adjusted and the lamp changes colour intermittently.

Tropical fish tanks are well known for their calming effect and Rabbit Tanaka has taken this into account in a special lamp called the Aquarium.

This smaller model features realistic plastic fish motifs, the result of offset printing. Similar printing techniques are used in Rabbit Tanaka's novelty rocket-shaped lamps and matching clocks.

The company also specialises in can-shaped touch lamps which have three levels of brightness, triggered by the number of times they are touched.

'They are designed so that you don't have to fumble for switches in the dark,' Ms Leung said. 'A new concept is the night light in the base, which automatically activates in the dark and goes off in daylight.' Rabbit Tanaka manufactures touch lamps for the licence holder of Hello Kitty and as promotional items for companies such as Coca- Cola, the National Basketball Association and Carlsberg.

More traditional lighting is offered by Tri-Ever Enterprise with its new range of porcelain table lamps.

'We are already very strong in gift items and this year we are focusing more on lighting,' Michelle Tse, export manager for the Hong Kong firm, said.

'We cover a wide range of items from contemporary plain-coloured ceramic lamps to a very high-end range that is suitable for department stores and hotels.' The top end includes traditional Chinese designs as well as those with floral and gold-leaf decorations.

Shades come in a wide range of shapes and colours, from basic to hand-sewn cotton. The company is flexible on styles, patterns and designs for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which now accounts for 60 per cent of its output.

All the lighting is made in its Shenzhen factory, while giftware and home accessories are handled by a second factory in Guangdong.