Insulting viewers

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 May, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 03 May, 1999, 12:00am

Anna Lee, Corporate Communications Manager ESPN Star Sports, provides an exceedingly weak explanation (letter, South China Morning Post, April 29) as to why there will be no live cricket World Cup coverage.

She mentions 'programming and scheduling decisions which are based on viewers' tastes . . . '. On the day of publication of her letter, Star Sports offered a warmed-up dish of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, rugby league from Australia, the Greater Greensboro Classic and four hours of the World Wrestling Federation. Rowing, rugby league, golf and wrestling - none of them, surely, aired to satisfy the criteria of the northern beam 'viewers' tastes'.

'Consequently', ESPN Star's spokesperson continues, 'we cannot bring full live coverage of the entire World Cup' and then directs the reader to the schedule on the Internet. The fact is there is no live coverage of any of the World Cup.

To run mendacious station promos over two months promising 'every game, every ball' is an insult to the viewer; to offer weasel reasons for their not doing so is an insult to the intelligence.