Wrong to term Kosovo fighters 'terrorists'

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 May, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 May, 1999, 12:00am

I refer to Anthony Pearson's letter 'Nato should own up to terrible mistake', (South China Morning Post, April 30). I agree with him that bombing civilians is a malicious act based on humanitarian principles. But does Mr Pearson agree with me that ethnic cleansing is a beastly act and does not belong to the 20th century? Does he agree with me that raping innocent women is a savage crime? Does he agree with me that driving people out of their homes is a brutal deed? Mr Pearson feels sorry because Nato bombed the Serbian Radio and TV building. He feels sorry for tens of civilians killed by mistake. I ask him how many thousands of ethnic Albanian civilians were killed deliberately? How many thousands of Albanian women were raped by the barbarian soldiers of Serbia? Maybe Mr Pearson should read the reports of the eyewitnesses who were in Kosovo. If he does not believe them, maybe he should wait for the report of the United Nations, which is in the process of collecting evidence of alleged war crimes.

Mr Pearson called the Kosovo Liberation Army a terrorist separatist organisation. I would like to remind him that in 1300 BC the ancestors of the Albanians known as Illyrians settled in the Balkans. In the sixth century AD, groups of Slavs, the ancestors of Serbs, started to settle there.

It proves that the Albanians were in the Balkans more than 1800 years before any Serb ever existed there.

How ironic for people being killed, raped and driven from their land to be called terrorists.