Ghostwriter helps hot-mailing hookers push right buttons

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 May, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 May, 1999, 12:00am

Bespectacled and bookish, Khun Jip is to possibly hundreds of unknowing foreign men the most alluring woman in Thailand.

Daily she conjures up memories of steamy exchanges and whispered late-night promises as she provides an intriguing new take on a very old genre.

The sudden profusion of Internet cafes across Bangkok has reached its legendary red-light areas, and Khun Jip is one of several literate computer operators helping bar-girls send e-mails to foreign boyfriends.

Letter writers have long existed on the fringes of Bangkok's nightlife scene and are enshrined in local urban legend. A book of their more choice offerings has even been published. But e-mail presents fresh challenges.

'Many of them are simple farm girls and have a lot of difficulty with the combination of computers and written English, so they need the help of people like me,' Ms Jip says.

'I have to use my imagination but I like to think I provide a good service.' Often the girls have forgotten the name of a former customer and only possess an e-mail address hastily scrawled on a bar-mat or hotel notepaper.

'Many of the girls are surprised to discover that the e-mail address is not the man's name,' Ms Jip said. 'If we can't figure it out, we address him as Darling, Honey or My Special Friend. They don't seem to mind.' 'I will remember you always,' is nonetheless a popular phrase.

Typically, Ms Jip's love-notes contain glowing recollections of a man's physique and prowess, pledges of undying devotion and occasionally a bank account number and news of a tragedy upcountry, always couched in terms of the man's 'good heart'.

Some are copied and sent on to different customers. One English man replied with an urgent request for no more to be sent, as his wife had downloaded the first one.

'Some girls vary their notes, others are in a hurry and just send out the same ones,' Ms Jip said. 'One girl sent out the same e-mail to 15 different men. It was a very sexy letter. Most of them have already replied and are promising to return as soon as possible.

'Frankly, I thought she was a katoey [transsexual], but in my job I have to keep my thoughts to myself.'