One-stop clinic for women

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 May, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 May, 1999, 12:00am

Menopausal women who are vulnerable to osteoporosis and coronary diseases have a new clinic providing all necessary services.

The centre, opened yesterday at the Family Planning Association's Wan Chai head office, aims to see between 16 and 24 women each Monday morning, with hours being extended if necessary.

Association executive director Dr Susan Fan Ying-suen said: 'Menopause is a natural stage of a woman's life, and women should adopt a positive attitude towards this new phase to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.' Menopause, which women generally experience between 45 and 55, sees a decrease in the production of oestrogen and progesterone from the ovaries. This leads to a loss of calcium which can result in bone fractures.

Cholesterol also has a higher tendency to remain in the arteries, causing atherosclerotic and coronary diseases.

Dr Sue Lo Seen-tsing of the clinic said husbands would be encouraged to visit it with their wives.

The clinic will provide a $315 service that includes a physical examination, menopause assessment, pap smear, breast examination, urine analysis and an educational talk.

Hormone replacement therapy and bone density measurement will be provided where necessary at extra cost.