Tale of two handovers

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 May, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 May, 1999, 12:00am

1. Post-handover Hong Kong legislative Council: 60 provisional legislators; no through train; full direct elections by 2007 at the earliest.

Post-handover Macau Legislative Assembly: 27 deputies, 10 directly elected, 10 indirectly elected, seven appointed; through train from last elections in 1996; direct elections can be approved by two-thirds majority in 2009.

2. People's Liberation Army: Hong Kong - China and Britain agreed on 10,000-strong garrison, with 4,700 based in SAR and the rest in Shenzhen.

People's Liberation Army: Macau - China and Portugal still at odds over stationing of 900-strong garrison in enclave, 'unilaterally' announced by China last year.

3. Post-handover judiciary: Hong Kong - top judicial posts filled easily; existing judges, including expatriates continue tenure.

Post-handover judiciary: Macau - fears of vacuum at top of judiciary. No obvious experienced candidates for top posts of chief justice and attorney-general. Portugese judges to return to Portugal to be replaced by newly trained locals, with average age of mid-30s.

4. Post-handover civil service: Hong Kong - all policy secretaries and almost all top civil service posts localised.

Post-handover civil service: Macau - localisation making progress but still behind China's expectations. As of March 31, 1999, 66 per cent of department directors localised and 85 per cent of vice-director posts localised.