Gym bills Sinclair after banning him

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 May, 1993, 12:00am

AIDS educator Mr Mike Sinclair has been pursued for monthly payments from the City Athletic Club even though he was barred after admitting he was HIV-positive.

Mr Sinclair said yesterday he was ''more amused than upset'' that he had been billed after he was told by Mr Tom Turk last December he was ''endangering'' other members and was no longer welcome.

When asked for a refund on the $3,000 fee paid when he joined in 1988, Mr Turk had told him they could come to a ''pro-rata arrangement''.

Mr Sinclair said he did not hear from Mr Turk again but continued to receive demands for monthly fees.

At the time he was barred, the fee was $400 per month but it later went up to $450.

He said the demands for payment became increasingly ''less polite'' as the months passed, adding he was ''about a month behind'' in his payments when he stopped using the gym.

In February, he received a letter from what he described as an ''audit control company'' saying that if he did not pay roughly $1,800, his credit rating could be damaged and legal action would be taken against him.

That was the last letter he received, perhaps because a three-month arrangement to forward his mail to a new address expired.

Mr Sinclair said he did not respond to any of the notifications.

Mr Turk refused to comment.