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Victim tells of baby being stabbed in riot

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 June, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 June, 1999, 12:00am

One of the 17 ethnic Chinese victims of the Pillar Point riot described yesterday how an attacker cut a baby with a knife.

'The father was carrying the baby in his arms at the time. He was running away. An attacker ran up and tried to stab him [but got the baby],' Fu Ah-sei, 33, said from his Tuen Mun Hospital bed.

'I saw someone I knew being chopped as I ran away. He was badly wounded, his entire body was covered in blood.

'I was pushed downstairs by an attacker while trying to escape . . . my ankle was badly injured. I was able to run [to safety], but once I sat down outside, I couldn't get up again . . . I'm in agony now.

'[My arm and finger] were struck by some flying debris. I bled a lot. I couldn't see what hit me, there was so much smoke, it stung my eyes.

'I was standing at my door [in block 30] when it began. There was a lot of smoke from the petrol bombs. People were screaming and shouting.

'I saw dozens of Vietnamese charging towards us with knives. How could we resist? No one was prepared for it. We could only run away.' Mr Fu, a building site worker who is married with a five-year-old daughter, said women and children escaped separately.

'The police waited outside for over an hour while the fighting raged inside. They didn't dare enter. There must have been about 100 of them. Some women were screaming at them to go in and rescue the others,' he said.

Mr Fu said he had seen his wife yesterday, but not his five-year-old daughter, who was staying with a friend.

'I fear for my family. We hope the police will let us stay somewhere else. We don't want to go back,' he said.

Mr Fu said the Vietnamese residents had hated the Chinese since they moved in.

'There have been many fights. Many of [the Vietnamese] are jobless drug addicts and drug dealers,' he said.

Six of the ethnic Chinese remained in hospital last night in stable condition.