Beach water quality slip normal

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 May, 1993, 12:00am

BEACH water quality has declined slightly, but the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) says the changes are within the usual range of fluctuations.

Five of the 45 graded beaches dropped from Grade One, meaning no detectable health risk to swimmers, to Grade Two, meaning 10 or fewer swimmers per 1,000 were at risk of skin or stomach problems.

These were Hairpin, Shek O and St Stephen's at Stanley on Hongkong Island, and Kwun Yam Wan in Cheung Chau and Tung O on Crooked Island.

Four beaches dropped from Grade Two to Grade Three, meaning 15 or fewer swimmers per 1,000 were at risk.

None of the open beaches received a Grade Four in which the risk is to more than 15 per 1,000 swimmers, but Rocky Bay, Old Cafeteria and Castle Peak beaches are closed to bathers because they consistently score Grade Four.

The EPD said heavy rainfall could temporarily worsen water quality at the beaches, particularly if there was a lot of housing and other development around them, because they washed pollutants from shore.

It warned bathers to avoid such beaches for two or three days after a storm or after long periods of overcast weather, to give the water quality time to return to normal. Sunshine normally kills the bacteria.

Hongkong South: Big Wave Bay - poor, Chung Hom Kok - good, Deep Water Bay - good, Hairpin - fair, Middle Bay - good, Repulse Bay - good, Shek O - fair, South Bay - good, St Stephen's - fair, Turtle Cove - good, Stanley Main - fair, Rocky Bay (closed), To Tei Wan (non-gazetted) - good.

Tuen Mun District: Old Cafeteria (closed), New Cafeteria - poor, Castle Peak (closed), Kadoorie - fair, Butterfly - fair. Sai Kung District: Campers - good, Clearwater Bay 1st beach - good, Clearwater Bay 2nd beach - good, Hap Mun Bay - good, Kiu Tsui - good, Pak Sha Chau - good, Silverstrand - fair, Trio (Hebe Haven) - good.

Island District: Cheung Sha Upper - good, Cheung Sha Lower - good, Discovery Bay (non-gazetted) - fair, Hung Shing Yeh - good, Kwun Yam Wan - fair, Tong Fuk - good, Lo So Shing - good, Pui O - good, Silvermine Bay - fair, Tung Wan, Cheung Chau - fair, TungO (non-gazetted) - fair. Tsuen Wan District: Anglers' - poor, Approach - poor, Casam - poor, Gemini - poor, Hoi Mei Wan - poor, Lido - poor, Ting Kau - poor, Tung Wan, Ma Wan - fair.