Speak out against rude people

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 June, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 June, 1999, 12:00am

In reply to your correspondent Amy Kong (letter headlined, 'Long wait', South China Morning Post, June 28), expressing her exasperation at Hello Kitty queue-jumpers at McDonald's in Tai Po, queue-jumpers appear to be the norm in Hong Kong, at all kinds of shops, ticket sales outlets and eating places.

Retailing staff continue to serve these inconsiderate people without a thought of courtesy for the long-suffering people standing in line.

I think it is up to those people abiding by the social rule to speak up about the people who push in. Many a time I have spoken up with a loud 'excuse me' as folk have attempted to be served without waiting their turn and have found that others have joined me in protest and the retailers, in turn, have pointed out the necessity to join a queue.

Queue-jumping is an appalling display of bad manners, so if you are standing in line, speak out. A queue jumper is going to feel very uncomfortable with a line of people shouting at them and the chances are the salesperson will feel too embarrassed to serve them.

If staff won't attempt to stop this blatant behaviour then we in that queue will speak up and help bring some order among your fellow citizens.

SANDRA WYATT New Territories