Suspected robber caught

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 08 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 08 May, 1993, 12:00am

A MAN who was thought to have been trying to rob a Tsuen Wan bank for the second time in three days was caught yesterday.

He had fled empty-handed, frightened that he might have been recognised by staff.

A teller told security staff she thought the man was the one who had claimed to be carrying explosives and escaped with $20,000 on Wednesday.

Yesterday's attempted robbery occurred at 10.50 am at the Riviera Gardens branch of Standard Chartered Bank when a man carrying a black bag entered the bank.

Staff said the man suddenly left, apparently because he thought he had been identified by a teller.

The suspect was caught by estate security guards.

One of the guards, Mr Leung Chung, said: ''As my two colleagues and I patrolled near the bank, a bank employee told us that a suspect wearing sunglasses was hiding nearby.

''When we approached him, he ran towards a taxi and got in.

''We rushed forward and I stood in front of the taxi and stopped it. My colleagues kept the suspect inside.'' Mr Leung, 58, who has been working as an estate security guard for about two years, said: ''It was the first time I have been involved in catching a bank robber. But I wasn't scared because I didn't think the suspect was carrying a dangerous weapon.'' The suspected robber, 29, was last night detained for further investigation.