First schools' IT festival in Asia coming soon

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 July, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 17 July, 1999, 12:00am

The first Hong Kong Schools IT Edutainment Festival will showcase the increasing role information technology plays in education and entertainment.

The event is sponsored by the Education Department. Targeted mainly at primary and secondary school students, their parents, teachers and principals, it hopes to offer new insight into how IT can help teaching and learning.

The event is divided into five parts. There will also be an exhibition of winning designs and products from schools, IT workshops and a chance to vote for your favourite IT artists as well as suggest prizes via the Internet. Two celebrities will be present as ambassadors for the festival.

Between September and October this year, students can enter five competitions: Hong Kong's Most Outstanding IT Students Award; IT Quiz Award; IT Project Award; 2D/3D Graphics Applications; and Chinese Input Award.

Prizes include a week-long trip to Silicon Valley, the United States; free cinema tickets for the entire school; and a free camping excursion to the New Territories for 500 representatives of a school. Suggestions for prizes via the Internet will also be considered.

The most creative and educational prize for inter-school competitions suggested via the Web site should be in line with the theme 'Education is fun'. You can also vote on the Internet for 'Your favourite IT artists'.

Details for the above two IT activities can be found at

Details about the IT Edutainment Festival will be announced soon.