Training camp aims to boost EQ and AQ

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 August, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 August, 1999, 12:00am

More than 120 secondary school students have learned about facing challenges at a fun-packed leadership training camp that emphasised boosting emotional and adversity quotients.

The four-day joint school leadership training camp, organised by the student councils of Queen's College and Sacred Heart Canossian College, aimed to help Form Three to Five students' all-round development.

This year the organising committee focused on positive life challenges and personal achievements by exploring emotional and adversity quotients (EQ and AQ).

Joint committee chairmen Rita Leung Ho-yee and Ronald Poon Ho-lun said: 'Emotional intelligence explores how people can be happier if they understand and handle their emotions better.' Ho-yee said better control of one's emotions could help to boost self-image.

Ho-lun said developing EQ was helpful for students learning communication and leadership skills and important for extra- curricular activities.

'EQ matters when we face pressure from work and studies. We learn how to relax and cope with difficulties without being affected by our emotions,' he said.

Programme directors Noel Or Wing-hang and Alan Kwong Ku- tung said AQ should go hand in hand with EQ in problem-solving and that young people should be positive and open- minded when facing obstacles.

'Academic pressure, problems with friends and family and events such as the present economic turmoil could make students depressed,' Ku-tung said. The training can strengthen students' confidence and independence.

The project emphasised both EQ and AQ - which have a direct influence on students' minds and personalities both spiritually and morally.

Participants attended workshops hosted by professors from Lingnan University and the University of Hong Kong, which gave them insights into improving their EQ and AQ.

They also shared their experiences of dealing with difficulties through games such as Monopoly and treasure hunt to build up communication and leadership abilities.

Wing-hang believed the 'learning-by-doing' activities were the best way to equip students with the necessary skills.

Fifth formers Anthea Lo Wing-sze and Chan Kwong-fai, both 17, said the camp enhanced their inter-personal and leadership skills.

'We may not know how to combine AQ and EQ into our daily lives to achieve more, but certainly, staying calm without losing my temper when facing trouble can help me do better,' Kwong-fai said. Possessing these skills could make him more able to lead group activities, he said.

The two had taken part in oth er leadership training camps but this was the first time they had explored AQ and EQ. 'When I was frustrated at my studies, I used to put my books away and took a stroll to relax my mind.'