Phone ads 'pain in backside'

PUBLISHED : Monday, 09 August, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 09 August, 1999, 12:00am

An advertising campaign on buses, using replica mobile phones where hand grips are usually found, has been branded a hazard by passengers.

Several people have been sent sprawling when they attempt to hold what they think is a hand grip and find a rubber model of a Nokia phone coming off in their hand.

Three thousand of the replica Nokia 3210 phones are suspended from the hand-grip rails on about 100 Citybus vehicles.

A 38-year-old office worker said: 'I virtually ended up on my backside after gripping the thing only for it to come off in my hand.

'You don't pay that much attention when you raise your arm to get hold of a hand grip. It's a very irresponsible way of advertising mobile phones. Why don't they just put posters up like everyone else?' A spokeswoman for Citybus said: 'We are aware of the concerns raised by some passengers. One of them has already filed a complaint and our engineers have observed the problems as well.

'Consequently, we have put stickers on the cross-bar, warning passengers that while the 'phones' can be touched, they should never be used as hand grips.'