An ultra-fast performer

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 May, 1993, 12:00am

WELLFAIR Computer has released ULTRA, an inexpensive local area network (LAN) program that is 60 per cent faster than Novell Netware 3.11.

ULTRA allows up to 200 users to access multi-user applications and mass storage devices simultaneously at high speed, and yet still provides all of the functions of peer-to-peer LAN services in electronic mail (E-mail) and sharing printers and other resources.

ULTRA runs under both DOS and Windows.

Its special file cache provides the highest possible performance for reading and writing data, searching directories, and locking records.

ULTRA supports over 32,000 open files, and is one of the few programs that can use hyper-extended memory; up to a maximum of four gigabytes of cache memory.

ULTRA is a DOS-based system, making it fully compatible with all DOS and Windows software and device drivers and allowing access to CD-ROMs, magneto-optical drives, SCSI drives, bus master controllers and the like.

Netware requires special drivers for many disk drives and controllers, thereby limiting choices.

ULTRA requires less personal computer (PC) overhead - it will work with 386s or 486s with only one megabyte (MB) of extended memory, and a minimum of hard disk space.

ULTRA is available with peer-to-peer services at no extra cost.

Unlike Netware, ULTRA can be installed in minutes under DOS and does not require ongoing administration. No disk reformatting is necessary.

For multimedia, ULTRA provides direct support of up to 24 CD-ROMs or optical drives; no additional third-party package is needed.

ULTRA server is aimed at network users in small-to medium-sized businesses, who are involved in large data bases such as accounting, medical records, parts inventory, and so on, as well as multimedia applications.

Because of its multi-tasking disk cache, ULTRA is particularly effective in sharing CD-ROMs for quick delivery of high-bandwidth multimedia components like sound, animation and video.