Tutorial centres cash in on students' fears

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 September, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 September, 1999, 12:00am

Form Five students are worried about getting good grades in the HKCEE because they know it is very important for their future career prospects.

Tutorial centres claim to help them get good results.

Some of them even claim to help students get As. So attending tutorial centres has become more and more popular among students in Hong Kong. But is it really useful? I personally don't think so.

I am a Four Form student and after listening to friends and seeing advertisements for a famous tutorial centre with a 'king of tutors', I decided to attend a tutorial centre this summer.

But I was very disappointed.

The classes were really boring and a waste of time and money. The subjects we covered and the exercises we were given were too easy. I cannot imagine getting any improvement from doing such work.

Also the tutor wasted a lot of time talking about irrelevant things. After classes, I had the feeling tutorial centres were just businesses, cheating students out of their money.

What is even worse is that some tutors may not be qualified and the centre may not be registered.

Some of them also try to make themselves into idols among their students.

Lack of confidence Students attend tutorial centres because they want to improve but the schools only care about money. They are cheating students who cannot think maturely.

But why do so many students still attend tutorial centres? I think it is because they lack confidence.~ They think they will not get good results without these tutors. Undoubtedly, the tutorial centres can teach examination skills that are not taught in regular schools. But they are just skills, skills that may only help you to tackle the examinations instead of helping you to really understand the syllabus.

A lot of students think tutorial centres are even better than ordinary schools. As a result, they do not pay attention during normal lessons because they think they can learn better from their tutors. But is this a good learning attitude? I do not think so.

In my opinion, your examinations, your studies and your future are all your responsibility. So, if you want to get good results you just have to simply study hard.

No one, not even the the 'king of tutors', can help you if you yourself do not want to study.

It really depends on you! So, don't hesitate, start now.

Work hard for your own future! Parkson is a student at Jockey Club Ti-I College