New Zealand trip a godsend

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 September, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 September, 1999, 12:00am

Three weeks after a trip to New Zealand, we could still see the sweet faces in St Oran's and the lovely sheep at the Rainbow Farm show.

It was the first three-week study tour organised by the four True Light schools with the aim of arousing students' interest in English.

Two teachers and an organiser took care of 33 students.

On arrival at Wellington, we met our host families.

Our two weeks at St Oran's College were filled with happiness.

The local students were friendly and very inquisitive about us.

The teaching materials were not as difficult to understand as we had expected. If the lessons were boring, we would look forward to the delicious food at lunch time and the afternoon activities with other students.

Also, our host families were very kind to us.

After our joyful and unforgettable stay at St Oran's, we set off for a national park.

Then, we went skiing on Mount Ruapehu. At Taupo, we went to hot pools and rode horses and fully enjoyed ourselves.

Our last stop was Auckland, where we met a former teacher at our school and shared some sweet memories.

On our last night in New Zealand, we thanked God for giving us this chance to visit this beautiful country, so that I could improve my English and take home so many fond memories.

Amy and Priscilla are students of Kowloon True Light Middle School