Showdown at Wembley

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 15 May, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 15 May, 1993, 12:00am

SOCCER fans should get the beers in, and the mates round and settle down for the FA Cup Final live from Wembley. All others should take up a hobby, because the alternatives are less than inspiring.

CHARLIE Charters and Eastern striker Dale Tempest will introduce World's live feed from Wembley of the FA Cup Final between Sheffield Wednesday and Arsenal.

The programme starts at 9.32pm, and the match kicks off at 10pm. Charters says the intervening time will be devoted to a review of both teams' progress to the final. Presumably it will be rather like the review of both teams' progress to the final shown yesterday on Road To Wembley. It may even bear certain similarities to the review of the teams' progress to the final to be shown early this evening on FA Cup Special Selection - that's enough reviews, World. THE best of a mostly unexciting selection of movies is the matinee The Trip to Bountiful (Pearl 2pm, 107 mins), in which the late Geraldine Page gave the performance of her career as a slightly dotty, hymn-singing old lady who wants to return to her home town once more before she dies.

Rebecca de Mornay (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) and John Heard (Rambling Rose) co-star in this bitter-sweet tale.

IN the second episode of The Movie World Collection (World 9.05pm), Paul Fonoroff looks at themes in films. Subjects include: June 4th movies; a comparison between teen idols of the 1960s in Hongkong and Hollywood; gender benders; and ''Mommie Dearests'' of yesteryear.

BY all accounts Stacy's Knights (World 1pm, ORT 95 mins) is a pretty average film, enlivened only by Kevin Costner's enthusiastic portrayal of a young gambler who falls foul of some casino goons.

It was his first starring role and, more importantly, it was his first venture with screenwriter Michael Blake and director Jim Wilson with whom Costner would later team with to write and co-produce Dances With Wolves.

Here, Costner plays blackjack player Will Bonner who's mentor to Plain Jane Stacy (Andra Millian), and she's got a plan to break the casino.

REAL life husband and wife team Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn try very hard with *batteries not included (Pearl 9.45pm, ORT 106 mins), but for producer Steven Spielberg it's just one close encounter too far with things extra-terrestrial.

This time they're tiny flying saucers who come to earth to help an elderly couple who're fighting to save their New York tenement. So sweet it'd make you puke.

PEARL begins a new cartoon series Eek the Cat (10.10am) this morning, built around a well-meaning but unlucky purple cat who lives with a suburban family with two really horrible children. Sounds like a winner.