40pc of students bullied: survey

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 October, 1999, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 October, 1999, 12:00am

Almost 40 per cent of students have been bullied in school and many parents believe there is no way to avoid it, a survey has shown.

The Shamshuipo-based survey conducted by the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society polled 883 parents with children studying from Primary Five to Form Two at eight schools.

About 37 per cent - 324 - said their children had been bullied in school, with 12 per cent physically abused.

The most common type of harassment was being tricked by fellow schoolmates, with more than half the 324 parents reporting such behaviour.

A further 35 per cent claimed that their children had been given unfriendly stares, with a further 27 per cent saying they had been verbally abused by bullies.

But 41 per cent of the parents believed the harassment could not be avoided and 74 per cent said they were unable to detect it if their children did not tell them.

Most of the parents - 83 per cent - would turn to teachers for help and others would report to the police or tell their children to avoid contact with the bullies.

Society social worker Libby Chan Hai said: 'No matter how trivial, parents should pay attention to the incidents. Otherwise, the children may develop psychological problems.' Another social worker, Albert Chan Chun-cheong, said: 'It could be mild physical abuse, but the psychological damage may be greater than that.

'Their children may lack confidence, be intimidated and may do things that are self-destructive.'